The Stage 32 Videos: Animation

Celestial Gravity - short animation film - Kalinkin Family Studio

This ultra short animation film is about the ever lasting cycle of life and family values - simple and meaningful. The film was created in Adobe Animate.

Eye Of The Storm - Official Music Video

The official music video of Eye Of The Storm by JUST. Animation by Fred Coince. From the album Deep Cycles by JUST

Spaceman-X New Spaceship!

This is a low-poly model spaceship I made in Autodesk Maya! The next movie is going to be crazy! Thank you all for watching my videos!

Demo Reel

My 2D Animation reel. Music:

medic animatic.mp4

This is the rough anamatic for the cold open of the, GET BETTER, OR DIE TRYING pilot. That I'm currently pitching

Learn 2D Animation Fast with Reallusion's Cartoon Animator 4 -…

The Lazy Animator, Beginner's Guide to Cartoon Animator is the kind of course I wish was available when I was learning the software back in 2012. I just wanted to learn Cartoon Animator as quickly as possible so I could spend more time creating my own animations without getting stuck on things I had yet to learn. With just over three and a half hours of video tutorials The Lazy Animator Beginner's Guide to Cartoon Animator is a crash course in all the main features you need to know in order to make 2D animated cartoons with Cartoon Animator. Suited to complete beginners or even if you've already been learning Cartoon Animator for a while. Follow along but there are no step by step projects to complete. The course is a structured walkthrough of all the essential features you need to know to make amazing animations.

Showreeel 2022 | Motion Graphics

Showreel 2022 | Motion Graphic designer. visit website or contact directly

Character animation for Movies Reel

Contact: My Website:

Please Rank My First Video, And Also Leave a Your Thought.

This is Sophia Charlotte a new user of Stage32 and I'm a great lover of social media stages. This is my first video Please rate this video. Here is the reference link

Happy New Year - greetings from Sunny's Park animation web series…

Happy coming New Year! May 2022 be kind, generous and fruitful! =) This is a season greetings from our animation web series project =) with opening scene of the winter (second!) episode =)


A teaser from the new 6min short film I've working on, an homage to Sponge bob's training video episode featuring Beatrix the Cat and Doug the dog. Currently in post production! Written, directed and animated by me!

Infinite Universe

Director and lead animator on this little short. We live, we love, we die, we live again. A little experimental animation which required over 600 hand drawings. The idea came from the concept we're all made of atoms and we're part of the universe as much as the universe is inside us. Song credits: CHAOS CHAOS, Do you feel it.
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