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When the storyboard is compared to the actual shots, can you tell how much changes had to be made on set. In fact, some shots were not storyboarded but they were required to be taken, that decision happened on set. In my experience, the ideation process is harder than execution and storyboarding happens at the ideation stage, which means that the hard work was already done in storyboarding even if some adjustments are now made during principal photography.

Meeting Hamak, Episode 1 : Part 2 - The Flying Dream. A Short…

Meeting Hamak is based on a very vivid dream that I had one night in March of 2020. The main character finds himself in the future, in a city that he has nev...

The Road to a Dream: Episode 3, Into the Pit

It's here! Episode 3 of "The Road to a Dream", a short animated film. In this sequence, we see our main character trying to overcome his shyness, but it's not his day unfortunately... Will he find hope, or throw himself onto the train tracks? I spend a little more time on creating the music, refining values, and trying some more adventurous camera moves that in episode 2, hopefully there's growth - let me know what you think! Feedback is always helpful! #storyart #storyartist #animation #illustrator #creativity #art #storyboard #storytelling #story #animatic #dc #dcmetro

Dan Reed Lighting Design- Renderings

A collection of production designs and 3D renderings within real-world lighting plots and show blueprints. Animations were created with Vectorworks, Adobe After Effects and Chamsys previz software.

AltaTensione - LIVE ACTION

#Altatensione #Reel2020 Flash reel focused on action and drama. 2019-2020. Final quote by Paul Watzlawick "The belief that one's own view of reality is the only reality is the most dangerous of all delusions."

ComicBookBlackBelt - what's the story!!

Twitter - Facebook - web - I don't care if you are...

Storyboard Sequence / Horror Project

A 20-second excerpt from a Storyboard sequence I did for a horror project.

The Voice of Super Mario

“The Audition that Almost Didn’t Happen” Part 1 This work in progress storyboard is about a voice actor who almost missed a career-altering - life-changing audition. Stay tuned for the rest of the story coming soon. This guy reminds me of my childhood. I hope they use him in the upcoming feature film.

Whiteboard Animation Marketing video for Not Dad's 8mm

Here's a video about how I use cinematic techniques to tell stories using whiteboard animation. This would be a great way for you to interest backers in the story you want to tell, whether you're a screenwriter, director, or producer.


Demption (2010), directed by Jason Neudecker. Gregory Lyons, Storyboard Artist.
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