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Talk About Apples (Sound Bite) Episode 4

Thankfully Dr. Apples was able to leave Eugene's home but not before nearly ingesting the grotesque and disgusting "dessert" they had prepared for him. He relayed everything to his mother in a near panic. Upon hearing everything (well, almost everything) his mother decided to not push him to socialize any more. Dr. Apples knew that what the "Simples" thought and did couldn't be all there is to all of existence but he needed more proof. His mother still made him go to school which he viewed as an opportunity to prove his judgments right. One day the teacher wanted everyone to bring in something special to them and show it to the class. What could Dr. Apples possibly have to show the other kids to help them understand him more?

Talk About Apples (Sound Bite) Episode 1

This is the story of Dr. Apples. His tale doesn't start here but that's not important. What is important is viewing things in a new perspective and living a life without limitations, just as Dr. Apples does. His mother has gone missing, but will he be able to find her and what will he find along the way? If a little bit of madness, humor, mystery, fantasy, magic and intrigue interests you this is a must listen!

Track Preview - "The Ceremony" || Music Collaboration w/ Somnus Music

Digital Track available at:Website: www.musicbyd4d.comBandcamp: www.d4disgruntled.bandcamp.comFollow Me on:Facebook:

Across the Veil.mp4

"Across the Veil" has some new flare to show off!

The wrath of Wallâq

Do you need a good fantasy story for the weekend with lots of blood, horror and humor? eBook — The President of The United States, Allan Chester Walker, is exposed to a supernatural assassination attempt during his new and improved climate speech in New York. The Pentagon interprets the paranormal event as an attack on the United States. They are forced to believe in the supernatural and assemble a wacky squad consisting of Special Ops soldiers, an agent in charge, a seven generation witch, and an environmental activist. The mystery mission leads the squad into the dark and uncharted area of the Amazon rainforest, where supernatural threats lurk behind every tree and the ancient Inca warlock Wallâq rules his undead kingdom, also known as the legendary lost city of Paititi. Have a peep

Cemacemas trailer English version

In order to save her tribe from brutal Aliens and devastating hunger, a Taiwanese indigenous girl embarks on a magical journey with her friend and the help of a legendary sorceress.

The Anuk Chronicles EP02

The Anuk Chronicles Show-reel, for Illustrative purposes only. Concept art at Screenplay, pdf pitch-deck, and bible availa...

1min The Admired Trailer v8.mp4

Olivia Spencer (Jacqueline Murphy) frustrated by the reality of "making it" as a successful actress, fantasizes about being a glamorous Hollywood movie star from the 1940's. After losing another major role, she tearfully confides to her best friend Quinn (Lynne Newton), and is overheard by a handsome devil named Mr Z.(Leon Winters) who seduces her with his magical tarot card readings and his charms. Olivia makes a deal with him to realize her "dream". She travels back in time to the The Cicada Club, the hottest jazz nightclub in old Hollywood. Olivia's dreams begin to come true but all is not what it seems, and she is hurtled into a world of danger, fear and heartbreak. Will she learn to survive in this new world?

Kit Wilson Sizzle Reel V3.mp4

Over 80 world-wide film festival selections and allocates for my seven films, plus nine feature film screenplays - ready for "green light"

Warlock animation

The warlock explorer walks through the hall with standing mummies. Temple of darkness animation in horror genre. Black and white background. Abandoned tomb with monsters inside. Scary places.

The Anuk Chronicles 1hr scifi series concept spread over 3 seasons

Long ago in a technologically advanced Earth, a coup flings a carefree princess on an apocalyptic path to prophecy, where she risks the destruction of humanity to regain her birthright...a burden she never wanted.

NEW AUDIOBOOK Short Audio Sample - THE DEAL - Action Rom Fantasy

THE DEAL Narrated by Susan Knight. Wouldn't it be nice to have hot, feisty, rule-breaking Angels fight our corner? Well here you go. You're welcome..
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