The Stage 32 Videos: Fantasy

Nicola Stifano - A Woman, A Soldier || Asian Epic Music

Here we go! Fantasy song inspired by traditional East Asian music. I am very fascinated by oriental culture and I will probably publish other songs of the genre in the future. Have a good listening!

Isasnora Snores: The Knights Meet the Tiny Isasnora

Isasnora's snoring is keeping the royal household awake. Late at night the knights arrive at Isasnora's home in search of the source of all that racket. When...

Peru | Malayalam short Film | Ram kiran | Gouri chandran | Gokul kumar

Direction and dop- Ram kiran Story & Editing- Anand gopinath Producer-Gouri chandran Creative Director-Gokul kumar Di & title -Anand kumar Production control...

The Secrets of Starpoint Mountain: Secret Fortunes

One of these people will change the world. They just don't know it. A prequel to a novel series available on Amazon.

The Fantasy Network Opportunity

During these trying times, if you find yourself entertained, you'll need to thank an artist. Indie filmmakers need to have a voice, and YOU can join us by becoming an owner here: You can watch 95% of content for FREE right here:

The Fantasy News Episode 2

Want to know what is going on in the world of Fantasy & Sci-Fi? Well, time to tune-in for the next installment of The Fantasy Network News! Chime in on what you found most interesting! And if you like what you are seeing, check out our owner opportunity at:

"Hatchlings" Official Trailer

Directed By Catharine E. Jones Written By Adam James Jones Produced By All Girls Media & Enedina Films Mary Burch is in the fantasy business. A night spent in her house is a night spent with your deepest desire in the flesh. And in the year 1972, when so many loved ones are overseas, missing, or worse, business at the Burch House is booming. Unfortunately for Mary's customers however, nights end while desires only grow stronger, and before long visitors are sacrificing their very souls to stay in Mary's macabre bordello of dreams. All the while the house continues to feed, until the wall between fantasy and reality finally cracks.

The Woman in Red script is The Red Vampire Wars

Todd Productions Presents Roy talks about Sci-Fi to drama films. Talk Back is about talking about films and TV shows and books of any kind. On here, I'll als...

The Golden Record (TRAILER)

Taino is an eager extraterrestrial who embarks on a personal journey with his doubting best friend (Elina) to find his lost family.

The Pigman - Short Irish Fable Film

A strange half man half pig creature, the Pigman, shuffles home to his derelict house high up in the mountains. On his way he passes a local pub, full of life. Curious and eager to join in the Pigman is shunned and told to go home.

Book vs an Antiquarian

A short story about an Antiquarian and a very peculiar book...
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