The Stage 32 Videos: Supernatural

A Visit From Beyond

A short film I made called "A Visit From Beyond". While the film is fiction, the subject matter is real. The idea of my mother (who passed in '99') coming back to speak with me actually is from a dream I had. "Synopsis" A man (John Daly) hikes through the woods and finds a tree that is apparently a portal from beyond. In this portal, his deceased mother comes through and talks to him about a recent discovery John made from a DNA test. John discovered that his father he grew up with was not his biological father. His mother never told him about this, and there was no one to speak to about it, being everyone was gone.

"FINAL" a short supernatural thriller. (9:35 min.)

Set in 1980, "FINAL" is a dark, Twilight Zone-esque tale of two census takers who discover their elderly subject may not be who he says he is. Written, directed and edited by Chris St.Croix

Sanctifying Grace

Marybeth and Arthur Hertz have been trying to conceive. All Marybeth has ever wanted was to have a child of her own. After a follow up visit with their OBGYN the couples is told that Marybeth is unable to have children. Later that night during a dream like state, the Angel, Raphael visit Marybeth healing her womb, allowing her to have children.

Thriller / Drama Short - ABSENCE OF COLOR

A recently blinded man is haunted by a ghost that exists for one reason... payback.Absence Of Color is an origins short thriller / drama for the web series, Bl...


A young man is haunted by a dark and deadly force.

Alone in the Dark

A man is alone in the dark... or is he?


The first trailer for new series, Sin 13. Created, directed by Shadow Dragu-Mihai. Starring Shotzie Cado, Malik Anthony, Teodor Falcon, Marius Iliescu, Carrie Cain Sparks and more. Sin 13 is a supernatural espionage series, set over the backdrop of the black-box agency, the Romanian SIE - their successor to the ultra-secret sercuritate.

Bloodline Pilot Episode

Pilot episode for a proposed Scottish supernatural series called "Bloodline".

Ghost in the Gun Trailer

A man left for dead in the desert encounters a possessed gun which transforms him into a gunslinger bent on avenging his wife's murder, but unbeknownst to hi...


Short film based on feature film adaptation of novel, Gatewalker, by Brian Bjorn.


Trailer to my 2nd short film I just finished

THE BASE, concept teaser

Here's a concept teaser of my next project I had to put together for the competition that selected my script.
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