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'The Forward Observer' pitch

An injured soldier returns from the Afghan War and finds that his family, the house he grew up in and his life pre-deployment don't exist... and never have.

The Forward Observer (Pitch)

He fought and died in a war that took place more than 50 years ago. So why is he running for his life today? A picture that must be made because its' so terrifying good.

Paranormal FBI: Cold Case Unit

In the process of turning this book into a script for either Feature or TV Series


BLACK MASS, trailer #2 The soap maker Books written by Jordan Tate available on amazon

The Forest at Night - episode 1

Filming content out in the wilderness sometimes attracts other hair-raising and at times horrifying encounters that do not fit the topic we focus on. Rather ...

Paranormal Underground Magazine; The Backbone of The Next Truth

It was July 2020 that the very first podcast of “The Next Truth; Where Science and Myth Meet” was recorded and broadcasted! Ever since renowned scientists, TV and radio celebrities', bestselling authors, dimensional researchers and dedicated citizen scientists have been guests in radio show of The Next truth. Discussing their incredible research during the radio-show, we explore these awe-inspiring theories and mind dazzling paradoxes in order to bridge the gap between the general public, young people and scientists. We are searching for the lost information what is meant to connect the accepted and noetic science! Listen to our radio-show and explore the most important question in all sciences..."What if?" I'm your host Maria Anna van Driel and 7 months ago I had the privilege to speak with Cheryl Knight-Wilson and Chad Wilson who are the founders and owners of Paranormal Underground magazine. Not only are Cheryl and Chad’s magazine and podcasts your connection to the paranormal world as they are covering a wide variety of topics that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding… they are also the backbone of The Next Truth! Without their support, courage and energy… The Next Truth would never been born in the first place. *** Parananormal Underground Magazine/Podcasts: The Next Truth Website TNT-ONLINE RADIO, Blog posts, Testimonials, Our goal, For print-on-demand & digital issues of the magazine, visit: Thank you for hitting the like button on MagCloud, Face Book, LinkedIn and/or Twitter and/or subscribing to the TNT You Tube channel

Don't Speak video presentation

When four college students decide to rent a secluded house out in the country, they quickly realize their new neighbors have only one request—“Shh, don’t speak!”

The Unforgiving Prt 2

Paranormal experience.

Herstory, The Unforgiving Part 1

The video is a true story about a paranormal experience I encountered with a childlike spirit that became evil after learning I was pregnant.


FrankenSITTER the Spooky Web Series Premieres in 2019 on Amazon Prime Video. *Please support by subscribing to our channel!* A Web Series created by Morgan T...

Jenna Orion's Video Synopsis The Legend of The Nine.mp4

Jenna Orion’s life as a time-traveler and visits with a group of nine all-knowing God-like men with striking good looks. Since 2010 her time-travels have escalated to new heights. The future of our life and world depends on these space travelers. Jenna’s continual contact, in-person, aboard their craft and through telepathic communication, allows us to know our future in advance.
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