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Teaser for the upcoming novel by Jordan Tate available on April 14, in kindle and paperback edition


Trailer for the new book by Jordan TateWhite gold In Nairobi, renowned geographer Bradley Riche is violently murdered in the house he shared with his wife He...

Jon & Valerien for share.mp4

Sample chapter one, Samaritan Wars

Samaritan Wars - The Angelica

After I wrote the novel, Samaritan Wars, I decided to learn how to produce in 3D Animation. Here is a short clip of that work - some of which I will use for Chapter One of my novel. I'm currently working with iClone7, Character Creator 3, Adobe, Gargeband and HitFilm. Hope you enjoy. All the best..


Demo Voice Literature - Novel

Guardians of the Gates - part II - Dissociation

Trailer of the second novel Dissociation of the series of The Guardians of the Gates, a young adult urbuan fantasy with brutal action scenes, heart pounding romance and incredible world building scenery.

Purgatorium book trailer

Logline : ‘A comatose man in a purgatory-like realm reliving the same events repeatedly to determine if he deserves a second chance at life.’

Dead End Trailer

Dead End There Are No Good Guys It all started five years earlier with the murder of Peter Pretty Boy Chen, a low level soldier for Benson Yeung’s Hong Mian triad. Rumor had it that the Guan Yu statute that sat on the old man’s desk, the symbol of his Dragon Head status as leader of the Hong Mian, was filled with priceless Pigeon Blood rubies, or at least that’s what Peter Pretty Boy Chen thought. Whether he was right or wrong is a tale for another time and another place. What’s significant is, his desire to get his hands on those rubies led to his brains being splattered all over the wall of the Green Dragon Restaurant. Like all classic California mysteries the past is never forgotten or forgiven; it always comes back to raise its ugly head. Fast forward five years. We first met Jesse James and her associates in The Outlaw Rider, when she was a young female jockey making a name for herself on the track and off under the guidance of her mentor, triad big shot, Johnny Luck. Jesse has moved up the Hong Mian ladder, and has made herself a major triad player, but the past is never so far behind that it doesn’t affect the present. And so Dead End begins. Available in Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle, and soon to be released as an Audio book. Written by Jerry Bader Narrated By Doug Hayden Illustrated by Paola Ceccantoni

Oroboro Island (book trailer)

Coming soon: OROBORO ISLAND A sci-fi novel (planetary saga) Tags: #science_fiction, #time_travel, #ancient_myths_and_mysteries, #future_technologies, #future...

Politicians Are Superheroes by Peter Clarke -- Book Trailer

Book trailer for "Politicians Are Superheroes" -- a comic novel by Peter Clarke, published in 2018 by Pski's Porch Publishing. See more about the book from the publisher: or visit:
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