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Philip Barantini breaks down his unique one take style used in Boiling Point.

Michael Hoad Directing Reel 2021

Michael Hoad Directing Reel 2021Michael Hoad is an award winning film Director and founder of Lost Boys Films. This showreel is features footage from his dir...

Showreel (Direction / Film-making) | Pranjal Joshi

Here's almost 5 years in 2:30 min! Although I have always been (and still am) skeptical of/about reels, especially the Director's reel; As shots taken-out and put out-of-context can never really reflect the true significance of that visual(s). Still due to part of the process (formal and necessity); I tried my best to create one as sensible as I can. So have a look at dozens of projects, different kinds, varied styles and multiple roles that I have been fortunate to go through in my small independent journey. As on almost all the projects that I have mentioned in the reel; I haven't just Directed, but have worked as a Writer and Editor too. Even done Camera in couple of them. Hence calling it as my "Film-maker's Reel". And most importantly, I am absolutely grateful to hundred(s) of people, from my regular/frequent - associations/collaborators, to project specific cast and crew(s). And everyone else involved directly to indirectly in each project, As well as on helping me out with this reel. It wouldn't have been possible without any of them - at all!! Have a look at it and share your views :) For optimum quality, Visit here :


My works as a documentary film maker, from 1993 to present day


My works as a commercials producer and director


Some of my drama work as a director from 1991 to 2010

Ben Hausdorff - Director's Reel 2021

Showcasing: "Fran" - (short film) "Higher Education: Principles of Gasnier" - (feature film) "The Kingdom That Crumbled" - (documentary) "Dynamite" - (mini-doc) "PTXPerience" - (docu-series) "The Sound of Silence" - Pentatonix - (music video) "Average" - Rmani - (music video) "Sexy Music" - Rude Flamingo - (music video) "Good Morning Quarantine" - (comedy music video) "Hit it On 1" - Phlatt feat. Zai - (music video) "I am Not a Robot" - Marina & the Diamonds (Clock Opera Remix) - (fan music video)

Traci Hays Director's Reel | 2022

For more visit Rep: Karen Kirkland at Culture Creative Entertainment 818.722.3034

GENERAL TIRE , "Welcome Savages"

This is "GENERAL TIRE AD" by David Weir Yáñez on Vimeo.

David Weir Yañez Director's Reel 2022

A bit of my work work as Director in projects as documentaries, films and advertisement.
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