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Paradox - The Director's Cut - 2021

A government operative uncovers damaging information and gets hunted by his own while trying to expose the truth. Written, Directed & Produced by - Patrick Hatfield CAST John Callahan - Guy Anderson Deakin - Will Gabriel Sandra - Giulia Fabbri Operative #1 - Lorraine Page Operative #2 / Guard #1 - Jordan Devitre Operative #3 - Darren Lamont Guard #2 - Michael Sack 4x4 Driver - Patrick Hatfield CREW DOP / Producer - Nick Payne Editor / Colourist - Patrick Hatfield 1st AD / Continuity - Lorraine Page Sound Recordist/Data Wrangler - Peter Betts SFX HAMU - Trang Nguyen Score - Patrick Hatfield / Will Angus Graphic Artist - Jennifer Heseltine Special Thanks to Lyn, Shell & The Countess © 2021 Patrick Hatfield - Hatfield Menagerie Productions.

RAW Director's cut

A documentary that brings to light the difficulties and paradoxes that independent-minded artists have to face in modern-day China.


With "The path of heroes" we introduce the new Porsche GT3 911 Cup to the motorsport audience in China, with a story-driven by the pride of heritage and the will to fight. The story takes place at night within a mysterious and ancient Chinese temple. In its courtyard and rooms, a group of warriors trains and perfect their techniques, waiting for the next battle. During the film, the audience is presented with metaphorical audiovisual connections that set a strong relationship between the warriors and Porsche Motorsport’s core values: Concentration, Dedication, and Tradition. Being commissioned for the second time to direct the new season’s Carrera Cup model, we creatively felt the urge of stepping up the narrative compared to the previous edition film. In this case, JVM creative team came up with an idea that departed quite noticeably from the Porsche Motor Sports division look and feel; an idea that focused on the spirit behind the wheel rather than the machine itself. Client: Porsche Agency: JvM Producion: idCreations

Taburete - Venado Tuerto

A group of nerds wakes up in the morning in a ravaged house. Hours before they were reading poetry and programming in BASIC.

Taburete - El Último Baile de Dunas Mitchell

“Dunas Mitchell’s last dance” is a story about loss, humiliation, and redemption of a boxer that has seen better days.


A selection of works as director and screenwriter. Works in the reel: Venado Tuerto / Music Video / Director 2018 Odisea en el Espacio / Music Video / Director Adidas Iniki / Commercial / Creative Film Director The Path of Heroes / Commercial / Director Ink and Needels / Documentary / Director Adidas NMD / Creative Film Director Dunas Mitchell / Music Video / Director


After making an animated advent calendar in December 2020 to try and cheer people up, I ended up making a spur-of-the-moment comedy horror using some of my toilet roll characters. Exterior shots took place on Saturday 6th February as snow was on the way. By Thursday 11th I'd gone crackers and on Friday 12th February the movie premiere and red carpet took place "live" on YouTube. I made a real-time documentary too. I've never done anything like this before. LE CHÂTEAU DE JAMBON NOIR is the debut animated short movie by Andrew Reeve.It's a fun horror movie made from a cast of characters made from toilet rolls dur...

Trailer.*The Artist* 2021

Animated Short Film: The Artist  Description: Once as a child, Eugene was inspired a painting that he saw in the gallery. Growing up, Eugene became an artist and one day he decided to paint a picture that has been preserved in his memory from his distant childhood IMDb: Link:

Colleen Davie Janes - Directing Reel (2020)


Director Showreel 2021

I have often found that most showreels are an individual's fight to rescue whatever work they have already broken their back over trying to create and cram it into a box small enough so that someone will click play, and mine is no different. So let me take you on this editor's logistical nightmare and maybe in a fit of impulse you might consider seeing more of this man and his shameless self-promotion, so please be my guest. Clicking play on a trailer that distils my identity into a swift montage will bring you happiness, laughter and joy... please expect the joy in two to three working days.

The Chase

I edited this action scene from footage on the Adobe learning site. This is my take on the scene. I had no script and hadn't seen the scene cut together bef...
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