The Stage 32 Videos: Screenwriter

City of Salt - Official Teaser Trailer (2019)

Zepstone Media presents: City of Salt - Movie (coming soon) A community in Salt Lake City, UT is turned upside down when a popular high school girl disappear...

Fearsome Warrior Book Trailer

Book trailer for the graphic novel series created by David M. Wallace.

Trans Manifest Official Selections.mp4

This documentary was my first film, in which I idealized, directed, scripted, pre edited, translated, added subtitles and signed up to festivals all over the world this is the third festival in which it will be screened. It is a zero budget film, is pretty simple in terms of art, photography and production, but what really matters is what is said in the film. This film was inspired in my long term friend Andreia Laís Cantelli, who is one of the women that I Interviewed, she introduced me to Rafaelly Wiest. I admire both of them so much.

Charlie and the Empty Factories / Filmstro & Film Riot One Minute…

"Charlie never bought into that, The World is Ending crap, was never afraid of it, but then it did end, he survived, and it suuuuucccckkkkssss." Written & Di...

Mindjam Media Scripted Showreel 2019 short HD.mp4

Full service production company and creative development factory of premium video content for digital, streaming and television. Scripted, Unscripted, and Branded from the hearts and minds of Jarrett Sleeper and Zeke Rodrigues Thomas Rep: Kevin Herrera - The Machine

Monologue 3:- 'Valentine's Hire' Written by Kiana Kleemm

Monologue:- Written and Performed by Kiana Kleemm....Title: VALENTINE'S HIRE .... For more monologues from TV and Movies as well as written by Kiana Kleemm, please visit the channel and subscribe

Monologue 5- 'BLOOD' Written & Performed by Kiana Kleemm

For more monologues from TV and Films as well as written by Kiana - Keep Watching and please subscribe to the Channel :

Stage 32 Video Intro

Video introduction from Lorenzo "Big Flem" Fleming


This is my "REEL_2017_Frame7" by Beto Oliveira

Director/Editor’s Reel - Raphael Bittencourt - 2017

Raphael Bittencourt's director/editor reel - early 2017. Moments from my films: BID, DRY, The Dress and Absent.

Little Visitor (Short Film)

An unexpected visitor forces a distraught mother to face a difficult reality as she struggles to connect with her son.
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