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They Never Gave Up on You - WHITE SQUALL (1996)

Great Scene & Soundtrack (not all of it) & one of Ridley Scott's most underrated films. Based on a true story in which the brigantine ALBATROSS, a school ship, went over in a White Squall. Three students, the wife of the captain, and the cook all perished in the freak accident. And speaking of a white squall, does anyone know what one is?'s described in the screenplay as a wall of wind and water, something rarely ever seen at sea... a freak storm so to speak. Check out part of the soundtrack here @ >

Directing reel

A few examples from drama recreation scenes for true crime, Mysteries at the Museum, Mysteries at the Castle, Monsters Inside Me, and an Animal Planet special.

Wade takes Action! The River Wild (1994)

Kevin Bacon has played some great characters over his career and his diversity as an actor is top notch... but he's also played some memorable villains in the past... and in The River Wild... an #underrated 90s thriller (1994 was a fine year for movies) he plays Wade... a cold... calculated... and charismatic murderer who will stop at nothing to get down river!


This is a short piece for a longer film I wrote this week. It’s very personal to me, so hopefully I do justice to the performance, and I want to thank Richard Lambert for shooting this today and his brother, Chris Lambert for helping with Direction. I haven’t written much to date, but intend to develop this in to the slightly longer short and other projects going forward. I hope it resonates with everyone that has lost someone close to them in a positive way. I have very happy childhood memories and I dedicate this to my father, Patrick. He left this earth too soon. RIP Dad. I would really appreciate your feedback.

JAWS ENDING... quick snippet...

When great directing, editing, music, and stunt work all merge brilliantly.

'Dear Universe: The God In You' Preview

Hello everyone! I've been working on a short film called 'Dear Universe: The God In You', and I wanted to share a veeeery early and brief snippet of what is coming. I'm really excited to share more in the coming weeks as it inches closer to release!

Tense... gripping... well shot and well acted... RAY IS OUT OF…

CAUTION: Pretty brutal scene... Piven's scream is starching... such an underrated 90s thriller though with such a great cast... even Denis Leary plays a great villain in this one!

ADAM U EVA ~ Guze' Aquilina (Original, September 2014)

First public performance of Guze' Aquilina's play ADAM U EVA, taken from 'Fit-Teatru', a collection of his written Maltese one act plays. The only one among ...

Welcome to Tower 15 Productions

Los Angeles based production company founded by Cali Gilbert For more info, visit

Analyzing a Scene -- Tristan's Revenge / Legends of the Fall (1994)

Walking out of that tent like a boss! -- Such a great scene ...let alone a criminally underrated movie & probably Pitt's best performance to date. -- Just look at the way the Camera slowly pans up on the Germans ...almost like it's Tristan's P.O.V. (although it's not) go along with that haunting theme as it builds (the late & great James Horner) well as the LOOK in Pitt's Eyes... Love the film... One of my favorites of the 90s! -- So Powerful.

Welcome to Every Day is a Story All Its Own

For more on Seven Stories Theatre Company, visit and our Facebook page. For more about Joey Madia, visit There ar...

Lavender's Blue Vertical (for mobile and devices - make sure you…

Information is power. In a world controlled by artificial intelligence, can one woman's home video start a revolution? Information er kraft! I en verden, der styres af kunstig intelligens, kan en kvindes hjemmevideo starte en revolution? Starring: Stine Olsen as Emilie, and Natalie Sloth Richter as Gina Directed/Edited by Saranne Bensusan Produced by Lawrence Mallinson and Saranne Bensusan Written by Saranne Bensusan and Rachael Howard Sound by Jasmine Coombes Music by Guthrie Lowe Based on the books 'The Anthropocene Chronicles', by Saranne Bensusan, Rachael Howard, Carment Radtke, Emma Pullar, Nick Jackson and Fiona Leitch All audio was live on set with no dubbing or post production.
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