The Stage 32 Videos: Screenwriting

From Idea To Screenplay - Craig D Griffiths

In this video we look at how we can use some basic tools to develop and idea into a screenplay. We don't use a formula, template or thought limiting things. ...

Far From the Trees - Teasers

Hey, Fellow Scribes! I wanted to share the teaser to our newest episode releasing Monday, June 20th!

Screenwriting Basics vs Bullshit Rules

This week we look at some basic things you need to get right for a screenplay to make sense as a visual tool. We compare this to the bullshit many writers ar...


CollegeU is a patented show created about the life of a college student and what him and his adventures. Contact me for more info we are working on looking to do more with this show along with critiques of the script writing and other elements.


Screenwriting / Producing / Directing / Cinematography / Editing / Motion Graphic Design

Scarlet Seas Pitch Deck.mp4

Trying my hand at making a #pitchdeck for my award-winning feature script #ScarletSeas. Think of it as a Mini-deck.

Why you need great Secondary Characters

In this video, we look at great secondary characters and the functions that they can play in your screenplay. We look at examples from Fight Club, Superman a...

Great Character Description

In this video, we look at what I think are some great character descriptions. As always please go and read the entire screenplays to see this great craft in ...

What should you write next?

In this episode, we look at what you should write next taking into account where you are in your career.It is important to realize that all advice must take ...

THE BASEMENT (scene: Charlie & Tanisha)

A scene between the antagonist (CHARLIE REYES) and his girlfriend (TANISHA JONES).

How do I stop people changing my screenplay - Craig D Griffiths

In this episode, we look at why collaboration works and why you shouldn't fear changes to your work.I tried to find a link I mentioned in the video but was u...

LOGLINE FAILS What to avoid Craig D Griffiths

A logline is a common way for producers, agents, and other people to get a quick idea of what your screenplay is all about. It is important that you make it ...
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