The Stage 32 Videos: Screenwriting

Dean. H. Joffe Showreel 2020

A collaborative showreel, showing a variety of pieces from my short films, and Ads I have created.


A one hour interview discussing screenwriting and my journey towards breaking into the business.


OUT OF THE MIST - BATTLE IN THE MIDDLE REALM by Theresa V. Wilson. There is a realm beyond the earth where much planning occurs related to the fate of man. T...

The Ground Floor AKA Pyramid Scheme

Based on the screenplay "Pyramid Scheme" by Stephen Foster Dick (an actor/writer) takes a job as a receptionist at a multi-level marketing company to pay the bills. he tells his troubles to his life coach, Polly Dunkin. Written by Jeff Copeland, Stephen Foster and Chuck Pelletier. Directed by Charlotte Gulezian.

The Car

short animated comedy film with Broll video footage of car scene that I video

How long is too long for someone to read your script?

Don't wait by the phone for someone to read your requested script. Brought to you by

Script-a-lax. For blocked screenwriters.

Script-a-lax, a new miracle drug to flush all that writing B.S. out of your system. Brought to you by - shimmy_shimmy_ya_tainted_love_S_c9nccYTH0_360p.mp4

Drama (2019) A struggling guitarist and his best mate contend with substance abuse, bipolar disorder, and the local pub, when an AI jukebox starts stealing all the best gigs.

The opening scene's The Thing!

Giving the reader/audience a sense of setting right from the get-go is key, but make sure your opening scene does more than just establish location. The Thing (1982) is a great example of conveying setting while still providing plot detail. This beats a boring aerial shot of the landscape. This is intrinsically part of the story. It matters. Take it away and the story suffers. Your opening scenes should have more than one purpose. They need to both orientate and hook the reader into your tale.

Cheap Phones - Teaser Trailer

A social media film highlighting the monopolization and violent fights for resources in countries taken advantage of all around the world. Inspired by true e...

Doucheaholics Pilot episode - a scene from SCRIPT to SCREEN

I loved making our show and the creative process of bringing an idea to life on screen. So this was a real delight when my team shared this with me. A script to screen comparison showing how it looked on the page, what developed on set with our talented actors, and how it was shaped in the edit by my amazing post-production team. To check out the show and more special content on our process:
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