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In this brand new anthology series we find a multitude of characters from all walks of life who find themselves in extreme situations they don't know how to deal with. What will they do in those situations? What would you do in those situations?

ClassNSession TV Show Promo Sizzle.mp4

Meet Kaitlyn Johnson (Jassy Marie), an intelligent, teenage African American sophomore girl with a quick sarcastic wit to match, which fits her future aspiration of becoming a criminal lawyer, which stems from watching marathon episodes of "Law and Order" on cable with her mother and also watching old footage of Johnny Cochran’s performance in the O. J. Simpson trial. Kaitlyn's best friend since pre-K is Vanessa Hardison (Alexis Amora), who's also an intelligent African American sophomore girl who decided her own future aspiration of becoming a Sports Attorney because she was impressed by her big cousin’s who played professional basketball in the mid 90’s Sports Attorney, she like the way he was able handled his contract. She also has a similar sarcastic quick wit. For years, these girls used the same facial expression to communicate with each other when someone said something idiotic. Their favorite facial expression is named "The Garfield Look," which matches the bored facial expression of Garfield the Cat. Both young ladies attend Ladera Heights High School, along with their new friends, Lisa Kim (their eccentric but very smart friend), Caleb Stevens and Louis Taylor (two of the brightest class clowns you ever want to meet; think Romeo and Bullethead from "The Steve Harvey Show," with intelligence), and Cissy Bailey (their sassy Caucasian friend who was raised in the hood). This prestigious secondary school is run by Principal Bryant, a very thorough, no-nonsense principal who's fair but firm and also has an annoying tendency to pop up unannounced on her students anywhere. Principal Bryant doesn't tolerate disruptive students who waste their time in high school; she's especially strict on rules about the students not sassing their parents. Every high school student has a favorite teacher; Mr. Reevis is that favorite teacher, who uses wit to teach his U.S. Government class. They have an occasional riff from their rivals from Westmount High School (Wendy Martinez & Whitley Sellers) who calls themselves “The W’s”….giving challenges to Kaitlyn and Vanessa since Middle School. With Kaitlyn and Vanessa's aspirations of becoming a Celebrity Criminal Lawyer and Sports Attorney, can they survive through all the trials and tribulations high school has in store for them? Watch "Class N Session" to find out.

You've Been Served Pilot H264 4K.mp4

Filmed in late 2019, written, directed and produced by me, Shen Friebe. The Big 19 put a spanner in the works for me to pitch this to production companies (let alone, being a filmmaker from Australia is a hell of a spanner itself) so I figured at least, others out there can enjoy what we all worked so hard to create (well, we hope you do!). So, pour yourself some French champagne I won't be able to afford on my salary, sit back, hold tight, and make yourself at home at The de Lacy manor. A special thanks to every single cast and crew member who was a part of this very special project. Your talents are immeasurable.

Tod Complex Pilot Scenes 1-3

Tod is a reptilian alien who works for a multi-galactic corporation called PARE (Planet Acquisition and Resource Extraction). Heʼd just gotten promoted and might have celebrated a little too hard while on a new planet that his company had just acquired, called Earth. After puking his brains out and blacking out, he wakes up surrounded by life. Now Todʼs job is to manage the life he created so they donʼt ruin the planet, and more importantly - PARES investment.

71st RQS pilot trains to become rescue-mission qualified

Find out how HC-130J Combat King II pilots train and work with aircrew to complete their mission of personnel recovery.

Game of Cones teaser

Love-struck Englishman Jack wants nothing more than to ask his Scottish girlfriend Connie to marry him but in a bid to purchase the perfect engagement ring, he borrows money from the wrong guy and stumbles into a drugs turf war between the town’s rival ice cream vans.

Color Me Grey Trailer | Official Trailer

Logline: In the underworld of an inner city two men attempt to climb the criminal ladder, but with a suspected informer in their ranks no-one is safe.Color M...

NoHo CineFest 2021 Promo.mp4

Brothers Inc. will premier at NoHo Cinefest this Oct. 2021!

Bontrager & Gast Sizzle Trailer

For Your Consideration ;-) The action is real. The heroes are idiots. J Matthew Gast was a veteran on the force when his rookie partner, Bryan Bontrager, used him as a human shield. Gast survived, but now Bontrager is stuck with a secret and a moron as a partner.

Comedy Pilot | Brittney Paul

instagram | @brittneypaulactor tiktok | @brittneynpaul twitter | @brittneynpaul

Queen Bee of the Middle School

This is a scene from my pilot script for a 1/2 hour comedy-drama series, The Elite 8. The teenage actors & I rehearsed & filmed in Zoom.

YogaStyles of Rich and the Almost Famous: Chicago

Yoga...anyone, anytime, anywhere. YogaStyles of Rich and the Almost Famous is where History meets Yoga throughout the streets of Chicago. Made in 2016 to hig...
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