The Stage 32 Videos: Acting

Mi Kwan Lock - Demo reel 2021

French & English speaking reel Démo version Française & Anglaise Thanks to the directors & casting directors with whom I worked on these projects// Merci aux réalisateurs & directeurs de casting avec lesquels j'ai travaillé sur ces projets: Mooncake - dir. François Yang Le Pangolin - dir. Frédéric Maury An angry man - dir. Olivier Taïeb & Sandra Marti A Korean in Paris - dir. Jeon Soo-Il Importantissime - dir. Olivier Ruand Trivial pursuit - dir. Ryan Sheehy Red Karma - dir. Mi Kwan Lock Reel editing/ Montage démo: Eléa Clair

Screen Acting- SHOWREEL

Acting showreel is a term speaking for itself. allows u as an actor to showcase your work and talent to the audience

How To Make A Film (Democratically)

It's 2022. Time for cinema to change. See how you can make that change by becoming a democratic filmmaker.

David Austin Veal Acting Reel.mp4

A short compilation of dramatic and comedic scenes.


Vincent Rodriguez III (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star) gives something tantamount to an acting masterclass in this generous Q&A with the Hollywood heart-throb. ✅ How to overcome perfectionism and negative thoughts ✅ How to turn acting into a viable income ✅ So much more! I strongly recommend #actors set aside an hour to soak this one up and take notes. #Acting #masterclass #musicaltheatre #dramaschool

For every 'Next time'

The idea for the short came from hundreds of discussions with actors regarding their daily hustle and grind to get to where they need to be along with all of the trials and tribulations along the way. The struggle can either make or break someone and its a treacherous balancing act that moulds the next generation of talent. We want to make that a little easier for the actors/filmmakers out there and a lot of heart went into the making of this and even more stock footage so I hope you like it.

Scythe Turn... New...

Just messing around in a mirror... See >

Javi Toste Showreel 2022

The pandemic has made me postpone this reel for quite a long time, but I've finally managed to put some stuff together; as always, a hundred percent self-edited and with a hint of craziness (wouldn't be mine if it wasn't). This video contains footage and sound from different sources, including Addy Dajah's, RODNAE Productions' and an instrumental version of Village People's song “YMCA”; some of it features youtuber Luc Loren and actress Katia Mur. I'd like to give a million thank yous to Carlos Martín, Código Nuevo, El Periódico de Catalunya, Luis Sebastián Castro, Sara Gabarre and Luz Gancedo for being so kind to me. Please, feel free to share, give it the thumbs up and drop your constructive criticism in the comments below. Thanks a bunch for watching. #javitoste #actor #acting #showreel #lgbtqi

Wasp Network Scene

Julian Flynn and Edgar Ramirez


1 Minute speed reel with short clips from Exitus Roma, Alien Theory, Shakespeare, The Last Days of Shaniko, The Story of Buddha, Enemy Empire, and more.

This is How it all started.

A very interesting gig right at the start of my career switch
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