The Stage 32 Videos: Teaser

Mikey's Revenge

In development - I'm playing the protagonist Mikey. Should be done with script by year end.

Stitches Teaser

Coming March 2022!

Axmo Deus Volume III: Summoned (Promo)

You are longer initiates but noviciates. Welcome to Season 3, Coming 01 / 01/ 22

Axmo Deus Volume II Teaser

Teaser Trailer for Axmo Deus Season 2


Teaser made in 2014 for a War-Drama TV Series in writing. Logline: "A 15-year-old white girl embarks on a dangerous journey in search of her missing father after being left for death. Linda wrote this work originally under the artist name, Isabella Alpine. She writes under her real name today.

Killswitch Mood Teaser

A short mood teaser for a new cyber conspiracy thriller series Killswitch Currently in development Dir: Lukas Teren, Anastasia Hoppanova

Watch a GAMER's journey in the world of illegal ORGAN TRAFFICKING ! One Human Organ Sold Illegally Every Single Hour (SOUS TITRES EN FRANCAIS) info@clockwise1.comTEASER - 1' - a Dan Thorens film ENGLISH...

New Faces - Teaser

Music composed by ElysianSoul Song Warrior - Artist ElysianSoul - ElysianSoul Spotify-

The Switch

The Switch is based on a novel by CJ Cassidy. I hope to pitch it as a film or TV series.

EDITOR - "Rise to the Challenge - Dark Knight teaser editing…

Teaser editing challenge by Dark Knight and Chrysler. This is my take on it. All the footage material was provided by Chrysler and Dark Knight folks.

Mirror Mirror - Teaser

Presenting a teaser of "Mirror Mirror". Now playing in Prestigious Film Festivals around the world. "Mirror Mirror” is a short film about a young man's struggle with his dissociative identity disorder. One day, "Anthony" aka "Tony" is woken up by a suspicious phone call reminding him not to miss an upcoming meeting. A life & death battle then erupts between Anthony & Tony as he tries to stop himself from leaving for his "special meeting". Starring David Brown-King as Tony/Anthony ; Written & Directed by Harmeet Singh Grewal ; Produced by Daman Kaur Grewal ; Executive Producer Surjit S Grewal ; Co-Executive - Producer Trever Jones ; Cinematographer - Israel Arias ; Editors - Trever Jones & Frank Felipe ; Colorist - Heinz Donnelly Schmidt
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