The Stage 32 Videos: Post-apocalyptic

Among the Ruins - Post Apocalyptic Short Film - by Jacob DeSio

Two Post-Apocalyptic survivors have a bag stolen from them that contains a treasure so great they will do ANYTHING to retrieve. This is a short film I wrote, directed, and edited while in film school in 2017

'Minding Mama' - short Pitch film

'Minding Mama' is a post-apocalyptic science-fiction adventure penned by EJ Jackson,. At an undefined time in Earth's future, humanity is on the brink of extinction. An event the remnants of humanity know as 'the burn off' has all but destroyed the ozone layer - Earth's surface is little more than a dust bowl. Humans live underground, struggling to eke out an existence using hydroponic farms to create food. In one small community, only FarmBots Cyril and Celia venture above ground. Their purpose - to breed UV-resistant plants capable of surviving on the inhospitable surface. But Cyril and Celia are old, and beginning to malfunction... A young mother, desperate to save her son and suspecting that the surface is not as deadly as they have been led to believe, embarks on a perilous journey to find other survivors, and the truth... This short trailer was filmed and edited by Sue Turner of Elephant In Scarlet CIC (who also provided video effects); story-board by/directed by Dan V Shaefer (Film Story Boards) who also provided panel art & robot concept art; music by Matthew S Thomason (MS Thomason Music) ; Costume Design & Concept Art by Amanda Fullwood (Dark Forge Productions); with Kate Davies-Speak ('Dead Air', 'Barge People', 'Horizon' web series) as Mama and the voice of David Learner ('The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' stage/tv, 'Knightmare')

Music Archives: Forlorn World OST (Copyright Free)

Dug this up from my external hard drive. After some time it has passed since this music was made, which is something like more than 10 years. I had listened ...

Voytek Pavlik - Burning Sky [Soundtrack, Ambient, Sci-Fi]

Here is an ambient instrumental music track, inspired by post apocalyptic video games and movies. It mixes gruff synthesizers, rhythmical guitars and beat hi...

The Dusk - Trailer | Post-Apocalyptic Short Film

First Trailer of DGS Entertainment's 'The Dusk', written and directed by me. Coming Soon. (Trailer and VFX edited by me too)

WASTELAND - Zombie Movie Trailer

WASTELAND available to buy on Amazon NOW: We're pleased to annouce that #Wasteland has got a distribution deal and will be on DVD in the States...

Twin Flames Trailer

John Alexander finds himself in the middle of a battle between Angels and Demons as the Revelation apocalypse unfolds.

Hell on Earth - Short Film

In a post-apocalyptic world, two survivors learn that when Hell is unleashed on the Earth, sometimes you must fight back! If you enjoy what you see, join us over at
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