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THE DOUBLE The Double ... novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky, author of the novel upon which this film is based– ÖTEKİ (2013) – Bir Dostoyevski Klasiği. Öteki adlı film ünlü Rus romancı Dostoyevski'nin bir eserinden uyarlanmış bir yapım.

Destruction of Eve Trailer

When beginning pre-production for Destruction of Eve trailer, we began auditioning for different roles that needed to be cast. As production was about to begin, we started to run into scheduling conflicts with some of the actors. There was a set time of when the production had to be shot and edited, because my husband and I were leaving to Asia and Europe and wanted to have it completed before we departed for our trip. So we were innovative, and thought outside the box, by making the trailer stylized and artistic. Instead of using dialog, and multiple actors, the music became a character. It portrayed mystery, suspense, and dread. Music plays a major role in film-making, and we came up with an original score that was captivating and enticing. The cinematography and camera movement created an eerie, yet beautiful scene, in which the trailer takes place. These three elements were key to why Destruction of Eve became a fun and original trailer. The trailer was shot to become a tool for promoting the script. Destruction of Eve was shot and edited within 72 hours, for a budget of under a grand. The cast and crew were amazing to work with. As a director, you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with, and we had a fantastic team that contributed to this project.

Poor Joe - Short Film (US 2020) 7 mins

It is Saturday and Joe Rosand is looking forward to some quality time off. But as the day goes on and strange incidents pile up, Joe begins to question his sanity.

Smokescreen_A thriller_Book Trailer .mp4

A magazine reporter becomes a scapegoat in a plot to assassinate the Israeli prime minister during an official visit to Singapore.

Spying in Singapore

This is the new book trailer of my debut spy novel, Smokescreen. The story takes place in Singapore. A magazine reporter becomes a scapegoat in a plot to assassinate the Israeli prime minister during an official visit. The novel was published in 2013/2014. Hope you like it. I am looking for the novel to be optioned.


Valerie is haunted by the precognition of other people's gruesome deaths. She needed a positive way forward. Mercy seemed the only path.

WILLOW LAKE/Some secrets are better left buried

If you like a good murder mystery, you'll love Willow Lake. Sage decides to leave Manhattan and relocate buying a cottage in the fleshy countryside of Vermon...

Gun Kiss

Hi, I'm Khaled and I'm from Singapore. My debut Smokescreen was read by a director at Creative Artists Agency for a potential option but it was eventually declined. A good start, nevertheless.  I have written 4 thriller novels, 3 published, one being reviewed by publishers and another in progress.  The last published novel is set primarily in LA/Southern California and it's entitled, Gun Kiss. I am currently working on a sequel.  I own the rights to some of the books; willing to collaborate with screenwriters if you think my novels are interesting.   Have fun with your passion!  * The book trailer of GUN KISS by Khaled Talib. A Hollywood movie star is kidnapped by a Mexican drug lord. Blake Deco, ex-Iraq vet rescues her with undesirable consequences.

The Key

With the disappearance of her mother a cherished necklace becomes all too important for her shady father. A short, the first in a potential series.
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