The Stage 32 Videos: Suspense

Trailer short film 'Room Available'

Student Jonathan wants to go for ghost hunting out of sensationalism, but after a fatal accident where his best friend dies, he is feeling so guilty that he cannot connect to his own girlfriend. 'Room Available' is a gothic love story, where Jonathan steps into the longest night of his life.

Far Out Teaser Release

Far Out, a thriller to be released by Running Wild Press on 8, Jan 2024. Authored by Khaled Talib


Returning from Afghanistan, Jessica, a Spec OPS Marine, finds herself in a war she never imagined and discovers middle America suburbia has changed when her thirteen year old sister, Aimee, is abducted by sex traffickers. Sexual abuse and trafficking is a silent epidemic taking place throughout the United States and the world, creating social havoc for the children, adult survivors, and society.

WHY Alfred Hitchcock MAKES YOU WAIT | Rope video analysis

Alfred Hitchcock built his career on making his audiences WAIT in such a way that he became a master of terror. So much so he was renowned in saying 'there is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it!.

Body Shop Official Trailer

A normal day at an auto body shop for a mechanic and owner turns into a crime of opportunity.


From another angle of the original full-length screenplay - "METEMPSYCHOSIS." Logline: An actress who continuously suffers from the same nightmare of a former homicide case, turning out to be the victim in real life. IMDb -

HUMAN GAME 2 - The Culling Of A King trailer ( a clearer version)

This is a little bit clearer version of the trailer. Nothing has changed just the MB count :) ENJOY!!

The Coyote's Calling

As the end of days approach the time has come for Death to reap God. During a meeting to announce a successor to the universe Michael, the Arch Angel, cast a spell binding Death to hell as a rider of the apocalypse.

'The Forward Observer' pitch

An injured soldier returns from the Afghan War and finds that his family, the house he grew up in and his life pre-deployment don't exist... and never have. JUST IN: Santa Barbara International Screenplay Contest-Honorable Mention

Help Me First

An asylum, haunted by an evil demon, tries to capture the souls of three ghost hunters, bent on being famous.
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