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Crash (12 Stones Cover)

Label: Music of the Sea Publisher: Eddie C Life Music Follow me on social media

Sacred: The Fifth

Pre-Production Trailer and Logline. Sacred: The Fifth is a 12-episode miniseries I created for Netflix. The script is still unsold and I'm unsolicited as of now. I'm currently looking for an agent who can get my project to Netflix. I currently have the support of Markice Moore (Snowfall, The Walking Dead), Derrick Gilliam (My Brother's Keeper 2021', Whiteboy Rick), Angelique Pereira (The American Connection, For Only One Night), Romany Malco (40 Year Old Virgin, Weeds, and Zainab Johnson (Upload). Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi Similar titles: Hannibal (Series), Into The Badlands Film & Sound Quality: Mortal (Amazon Video), Into The Badlands, >Dolby Budget: Large Locations: Tyler Perry Studios (accommodates the Chicago settings) and Las Vegas. Total Casting Size: >100

Katakata available on

Coerced to foil a terrorist plot against a children's school, two brothers must decide the value of character or risk losing their ultimate reward.

Advice Needed!

Hello my name is Robin De Vernon Ryding. I am a Scottish Director and Producer founder of Fulfilment Pictures. As we are approching the late months of the year we are needing a bit of advice and help with making our TV Series Concept to pitch to Networks in the early months of 2022. A bit about our TV Series Set in today's modern world 'Miss Walker' is about three female actors as they struggle through the highs and lows of trying to make themselves established in the film and TV industry in Scotland. The stories that you're going to come across in 'Miss Walker' are very true to life stories. It is based on their careers, we all see different aspects into their lives. Focused about women and the female journey through the industry we think is really important and it needs to be spoken about. Emily Alexander is a quite hardened character. She comes from a family background that she just doesn't want to be involved with. Therefore, she becomes a runaway and she tries to follow her in her own Emily way. Never wanting to conform to anything but she knows what she wants and she'll pretty much do anything to get it. Jessica Miller is a very driven young woman she's a pretty successful theatre actress but it's one of those things she's been forced to do so by her abusive boyfriend/manger and she doesn't really get enough of a say in what she does in her life. Until maybe things start to change. Lauren Walker is from a small village. She is very close to her family however, has always felt as though she is destined for bigger things. Being accepted into acting school she moves to Glasgow to give her career everything she has. Lauren is a young strong independent woman but lacks self confidence therefore is guided by the people around her on her Journey. There are lots of big blockbuster films that likes to use Glasgow as a location, but they make it look like somewhere else, whereas we're actually wanting it to be Glasgow. We want to reach the heights of Netflix, we want to reach the heights of HBO or Channel 4 and tell a story that's not about drugs, alcohol, tartan, swords all the Scottish stereotypes. But actually there's so many nice stories that can be told. Glasgow does really well and we need to shout about the place more, in a far more positive light and we think Miss Walker will do that beautifully. Thank you for reading.

The Divinity Streak by Jess Waters | Presented by Ghetto Film…

After a summer of hard-fought progress in the wake of a nationwide racial awakening, three activists plan to hijack a space shuttle and go to Mars to create ...

Ben's Monologue. Ozark.

Slava Babenkov performs monologue of Ben from Ozark.


Full Out 2: You Got This Produced & Directed by Jeff Deverett Cinematographer & Editor: Scott Leslie Watch on Netflix!


Acting Reel

American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules video clip

Playing a highschool extra in the film
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