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DOC Rainflorest(working title) Teaser Trailer

DOC Rainflorest(working title) is a subjective film about the intemperances of nature and about the transformations that the planet has suffered over decades of human production with its fruits that today we all reap, counting a little on the hope of better days and overcoming global differences for the evolution of our ecosystem. Watch CULTZONE Channel Session Pindorama to know more: Must Read: Ensaio Pindorâmico Deluxe Edition Portuguese Lang.

The Voice of Field TeaserTrailer Skycraper

BEHIND THE SKYSCRAPER HAS THE SKY => Who holds the standard bearer It has art, it has art DOC The Voice of Field is coming to Pinewood + Atrás do arranha-céu tem o céu tem o céu Quem segura o porta-estandarte Tem a arte, tem a arte DOC a Voz do Campo está chegando no Studio Pinewood

Spotlight Season 2 Episode 6 Filmage: The Story of…

Go Indie Now turns the Spotlight here in Season 2 and in Episode 6 on Matt Riggle's documentary that covers the Pop Punk Icons and Pioneers Descendents/ALL. This documentary highlights and chronicles the career of arguably Southern California' s most unassuming legends. It also covers the entire history when Descendents transformed into ALL and back again. It also has testimonials from some of the world's biggest musical icons and movers and shakers. It also has a story if you didn't know, you may not believe. Joe Compton sat down with Matt and went over all that he did and why for this incredible look at a band they both love. To see the film on Prime:

RAW Director's cut

A documentary that brings to light the difficulties and paradoxes that independent-minded artists have to face in modern-day China.

Art Mireles Film Festival Reel

Visit Marbachumentary (Matthew Skinner, 2020) was Produced, Shot, Edited& Distributed by Arturo Mireles.

Once Upon a Time in Britannia: the Disputed Origin's of a $100m…

Petition: Website (with a link to videos): YouTube Channel (hosting series of shorts documentaries): A new extended trailer, showcasing why a growing number of academics and experts believe Sky UK's flagship drama had to have been based on unauthorised adaptation of my copyrighted work, Tribus (which took years of my life to create). Please note the copyright disclaimer at start of video. This short film and the series of documentaries which it relates to, are about an alleged major intellectual property infringement and include a review of the similarities in Sky's copyrighted show, Britannia, and my own script and treatment submitted at Bath Spa University. The similarities have been academically referenced and peer reviewed. This video is intended for both academic and critical review, as well as news reporting and legal purposes, in line with the UK Government's guidance on fair dealing in copyright: Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988; Section 30: Criticism, review and news reporting. (1)Fair dealing with a work for the purpose of criticism or review, of that or another work or of a performance of a work, does not infringe any copyright in the work provided that it is accompanied by a sufficient acknowledgement (unless this would be impossible for reasons of practicality or otherwise and provided that the work has been made available to the public. For further details, email: Songs licensed from Epidemic Sounds: Spies Anonymous - Bonnie Grace Frightening Notion - Dream Cave Clockmaster's Magic Pendulum - Grant Newman

My incurable story (Part 1)

I was on the tv show The Incurables - This is how I survived stage 4 cancer

The trailer of The Silk earrings; a documentary about The Silk Road

A few moments from "The Silk earrings" a film by Nima Hassan beigi. A travelogue documentary about The Silk Road. The silk earrings is a travelogue documentary about the silk road. This movie is 36 minutes that filmed in China and Iran. This comparative and analytical documentary introduces two important areas in route of the silk road; Jiangsu province in China and Qazvin province in Iran. These two areas have been two major poles in route of the Silk Road. The silk road was a vast network of commercial and culture ways that has begun from east of china and in centuries connected some territories like china , Mongolia , Japan , Korean peninsula , Indian subcontinent , Iranian plateau , Mesopotamian , Arabian peninsula , Egypt , Ethiopia , Zanzibar , Sham , Anatolia , Greece and Venice. There isn't any exact date of creation and the end of life of this chain-shaped roads but evidence tell us it was between first millennium BC to medieval or Renaissance. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century some American and European explorers and adventurers began to travel to the Asian regions of the silk road for discovering the mystery of this legendary road. The name of "the silk road " was named by a German archaeologist , Ferdinand von Richthofen , in nineteenth century . although the silk road was on land and also at sea but the main branch of this road was in lands that was started from china to the west that means Iran , Mesopotamian , Anatolia and Europe .Historians consider Xi'am city in shaanxi province that located in China was the beginning of this road . But some people in "Suzhou" , a historic city in the east of China , are claiming this great business road was started from their city. But "Suzhou" a historic city in south east of "Jiangsu" province that located in one hundred kilometers north west of "Shanghai" , as we say some people in "Suzhou" are claiming that the silk road started from their city . "Suzhou" was founded in 514 BC . In all the Chinese past empires, Silk of this city was one of the most profitable goods of this country. "Crochet" , "embroidery" , "Traditional painting", "calligraphy" , "Cooking" , "engraving on Jade" , "Hanging scroll " , "painting on silk curtains" are the most important traditional industries in "Suzhou". And but me , a writer and documentary filmmaker from Iran , I'm invited to the east of China for seeing , searching and finding the silk earrings. That's why I start a trip to the most eastern place in the word. For documentation and self filmmaking .for discovering and adventuring just like the silk road passengers. And the result of my trip is a movie called; The silk earrings. The viewer trips to the silk road with this documentary and finds out cultural intersections between Iran and China. This movie shows to the viewer the common myths and stories and ancient religions of Iran and China. Also Marco Polo, Nasirkhusraw Qubadiyani, Hsuan-nu, Confucius, art, exemplifies, dragon, gods, silk and adventure are the subjects of this documentary. Nima Hassan beigi is producer and director of this documentary. Saba Kazemi and Nima Hassan beigi are researcher and screenwriter for this movie. and Meysam Aghajanzadeh is editor and voice recorder of this documentary. The silk earrings was first released in Tehran on October 02, 2019.

Unity Ride 2018 - Exploring Freedom

The Unity Ride is two guys, from different backgrounds, of different ethnicity, whose political beliefs are wildly different ... riding bicycles across the c...

Wildlife in Africa re score

This scene was taken from the documentary series "wildlife in Africa". The composition and mixing process were done by me . If you want to use this track for a project You can buy a license here:

Jews of the Wild West

"Jews of the Wild West" is a feature length documentary currently in production. The film delves into the rich and vibrant history of early Jewish pioneers throughout the American West. It is currently being directed by Emmy Award winner Amanda Kinsey and produced by Electric Yolk Media in Denver, Colorado. For more information, please visit us at:

The Crafty Irish

Lots of people brew their own beer at home in their kitchen or shed. Well these brewers took it a step further and set up their own breweries in Ireland. One...
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