The Stage 32 Videos: Cinematography

Trent Watts Cinematography Reel

Selection of my cinematography work, mostly in commercials, branded content, and documentaries.

Cinematography Reel 2020

Guillermo Cameo's cinematography reel 2020.

JAX | Hola Mami [Directed By AZE]

SILVER SPADES Rap Music Presents: JAX | Hola Mami (Official Music Video) Director + Editor // AZE Music Producer // KELLAND Muse // ESME BORISOFF JAX -http...

JMON | OFF THAT [Directed By AZE]

SILVER SPADES Rap Music Presents: JMON | OFF THAT (Official Music Video) Director + Editor // AZE Music Producer // KIWI Mixing // KultarGotBounce Drone Oper...

KAiREM | After Dark [Directed By AZE]

SILVER SPADES Rap Music Presents: Kairem | After Dark (Official Music Video) This music video was made with $0. Director + Editor // AZE Music Producer // Fl...

Zanny Don | ROSE GOLD Ft. Stanley [Directed By AZE]

SILVER SPADES Rap Music Presents: ROSEGOLD | Zanny Don ft. Stanley (Official Music Video) Director + Editor // AZE Music Producer // Endavis Tunnel Animation...

2019 Cinematography Reel - Douglas Bischoff

A selection of shots from Director of Photography Douglas Bischoff. Narrative Film, Shorts, and Commercials. Visit for more information!

Abikalypse (aka Am Ende Legenden) trailer

Feature Film. Shot on ARRI Alexa with GeckoCam Genesis Vintage66 2019 Director – Adolfo Kolmerer Written by – Tim Gondi Producer – Dan Maag, Matthias…

Shrieking Tree - Cinema Reel 2019

A sampling of 38 projects shot and/or directed by Justin Norman at Shrieking Tree from 2013-2017. Includes projects produced in collaboration with Bruce James Bales, Eric Allan, Tom Rapp, Paul David Benedict, Charlie Stover, and John Baker. You can see a list of the films there clips were taken from below. Comedy Shorts: - Whistle Boys (2017) - Raid (2017) - Twig (2017) - The Hero (2017) - Buddies Don’t Kiss (2017) - Go Fig Yourself (2017) - Bone Appétit (2017) - Alley Boy (2017) - Brodown (2017) - The Payment (2017) - It's Ron (2017) - Jeff & Jeff (2016) - We're Gonna Be Rockstars (2016) - A Birthday Christmas (2016) - Leroy's Big Day (2016) - Clementine (2016) - Nipswap (2016) - Paved (2016) - Randy (2016) - The Afterparty (2016) - How to Fix a Car (2016) - The First Smile (2016) - The Breadwinner (2015) - The Wash (2015) - The Eye (2014) 
- Time Machine (unreleased short for Dog & Pony Show) Commercials - Beyond Expectations: Family Life (2017) - Sapphire Lake Promo - Northwest Iowa: A Land Beyond Expectations (2015) - Amsterdamn (2015) Music Videos - MAIDS "It Takes a Little Magic" (2016) - Canby "Hallelujah" (2014) - Clocks & Clouds "Towers Fall into the Sea" (2014) - Clocks & Clouds "Lux Aeterna" (2014) - Clocks & Clouds "Exposition" (2014) - MAIDS "Seashell" (2013) Documentaries - Beza Threads "In Ethiopia" (2016) - Witness Against Torture "Tariq ba Odah in His Own Words" (2016) Directors of Sourced Films: Justin Norman (majority of sourced films) Paul David Benedict (co-director, Northwest Iowa: Beyond Expectations) Eric Allan (co-director, The Afterparty) Jami Milne (director, MAIDS: Takes a Little Magic) Cinematographers of Sourced Films: Justin Norman Bruce James Bales Eric Allan Paul David Benedict Charlie Stover Actors Featured: Eric Allan Kim Scarfe Wesley Norman Greg Blumhagen Amanda Gibbons Will Frazier Sean Ross Ryan Solomon Travis Kirk Cherniss Mike Kizman Jessica Elwell Justin Norman John Baker Jesup Bonnstetter Danyelle Crowell Phillip Harder Scott Yoshimura Alanna McDonald Music: The Bronzed Chorus Animator for Sourced Films: Justin Norman Reel Editor & Color Correction: Justin Norman

Cinematography Reel 53018

Footage of recent projects that I was the Director of Photography and Key Grip on. Better Half by Christian Szczepanski Endurance by Molly Bookner Sweeties b...

Patricio M. Villagomez - Demo Reel

Here to present you my demo reel with projects I have worked in, this is a cinematography demo reel. Projects: - Tus Raíces (Comercial) -Blue Sessions (Pilot episode) -A Night to Remember (Short Film)
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