The Stage 32 Videos: Adventure

The Oranyn Fantasy Book Trailer

This is the trailer I've made for my self-published fantasy novel, The Oranyn, a couple of years back. It's been a long journey. The Oranyn was gifted to me in my dream. I can still remember the details of the origin of my story... I was miserable and broke at 25, I was a copywriter for midrange equipment company. My boss hated everything I wrote. On my 25th birthday, I got drunk and cried myself to sleep. I was starting to hate writing too, a thing that I loved the most and contemplated on quitting my job. Then there it was, that dream that gave me a spark of hope. I wrote every detail I could remember as soon as I woke up the next morning. Life went by, but I still can't shake the dream off. I had to write it. Seven years later, it evolved into a solid novel. The first manuscript was rejected by at least 15 lit agents. So I rewrote it and self-published this time around. I wasn't going to wait again for months just for them to say NO, THANKS. The road to completing The Oranyn was painful, frustrating and at times, hopeless... But, I had a dream, literally I had a dream, and I believed in it and this is what it is now. I sacrificed my sleep, spent time and money on that dream. I'm really happy with it. It may not have been a bestseller, at least not yet, but it is my baby. Now, maybe it's time for my baby to grow up and become either a Limited TV Series or Feature called "Astrofyr". So, here's to me and my sleepless nights of writing the screenplays. Also praying for the CHANCE to be read. Yep, that's all I need, a chance to be read. Enjoy my little silly video. :)

"Ad Infinitum" pitch by Jim Harrington

Two enemy soldiers meet on July 2nd 1863 at Gettysburg, determined to kill each other. Instead they find themselves working together, in a different time, to save the lives of millions yet to be conceived.


The Rogues: Dawn of the Black Sun Fundraiser Video

The Rogues: Dawn of the Black Sun - Teaser Trailer We're raising funds to make this a reality! Donate today: WeFunder link for Investors COMING SOON! "Adventure Has Returned" Smugglers and scholars are forced to team up to stop the deadly neo-nazi cult The Black Sun from obtaining a priceless artifact with a dangerous secret! It'll take more than wits, fists, and guns to obtain The Florentine Diamond, and no one is letting it go without a fight! Bareknuckle, hard-edged, and gritty adventure without the over-produced CGI, we're doing this old-school. We're storyboarding everything, we're planning everything out, we're hoping for the best and expecting the worst. Find out more at the link above!

Are We Flying? - An Orchestral Fantasy by Simon Driscoll

A Soft choral voices build to a huge orchestral crash with brass, strings, and woodwinds taking you on this musical adventure.

Trailer A Cry from the Top of the World

The film captures the story of the 2008 tragedy on K2, and contains some of the most engaging life dramas that took place on the mountain during the 2008 sea...

The Process

In 2008 eleven people died on K2. I promised I would never go back. K2 has haunted me ever since. It's "unfinished business" and I needed to confront my demo...

"Icon of the Defender" Live Readout - Part 1, Chapter 1

This is a live readout of the first chapter of my 3-part literary magnum opus, "Icon of the Defender", intended to showcase my potential narrative skills.

Spring Awakens

This fantasy orchestral track begins with soft strings and starts to build the whole orchestra into a sweeping epic adventure. Originally written for the Score Relief Competition 2021.


Trailer for WHITE GOLD the new novel by Jordan Tate.In Nairobi, renowned geographer Bradley Riche is violently murdered in the house he shared with his wife ...


Trailer for the new book by Jordan TateWhite gold In Nairobi, renowned geographer Bradley Riche is violently murdered in the house he shared with his wife He...

OLD NEWS: A Piper Hampton Adventure - by Jenean McBrearty

Piper wanted photographs of an old building, and took a turn into 1937.The German-America Bund believes she's hunting a murderer. Navy Intelligence wants to ...
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