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The Journey of the Scribe

An astronomy professor endeavors to solve the mysterious death of his Ufologist friend and discovers the shocking truth about his place in the world and his connection to ancient times and the Scribe of God known as Enoch, who tried to protect the world from alien overlords.

Book Trailer: Gravity Lies Light

Gravity Lies Light is a young adult science fiction and fantasy series. It is a coming of age story about two factions separated within their world. Where on...

NERD9 Teaser - Your mom is not going to approve of this! Coming soon!

NERD9 Teaser - Your mom is not going to approve of this! Coming soon! Subscribe:

Mount Kilimanjaro - The Marangu Route

Our climb up Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa, during the shoot of our documentary The Unjust & Us. We took the Marangu route. 00:13 Day 1 was a gradual trek through the incredibly lush and beautiful Kilimanjaro Rainforest, to the Mandara huts. 03:31 Day 2 continued through the rainforest and transitioned into the low alpine moorland zone, ending at the Horombo huts. 13:04 Day 3 was a 1,000 metre ascent to Kibo huts, which covered a distance of approximately 10km. 19:45 Day 4 began at 1am as we trekked across snowy rocks in a 1,150 metre ascent to Uhuru Peak.

Avast, me hearties. The Captain!.mov

Blackbeard Aye Here's a Man Plenty were Moved to Beseech You didn't want to Meet on your day at the Beach The America's were All within his Reach He spilled more Blood than a Million Carnivorous Leech Goes by the Name of Edward Teach The Royal Land of Britain Is Where He was Reared For all Seafarer's Very Feared Soil your Bottom's if it's His Name You Heard The Long-Braided Pirate Who was Known as Blackbeard. Poem by Donald Reith

Give Me Wings Documentary

Check my latest adventure documentary, shot in Spain, Italy and Jordan. Now ONLINE (Also available in 24 mins: Give Me Wings is a visual guide of some classic climbing routes around the World. And those routes…

Adventures of 2019 Reel

Wildlife and adventures I've experienced in 2019.

Komodo National Park Adventure: Trekking with Trevor Trailer

A reel from my four-day film expedition in Komodo National Park

The Incredible Adventures of Vic Challenger seriestrailer.mp4

In one minute see what to expect when you read a Vic Challenger novel.


“LUMINARIES” A CHILDREN’S BOOK ANTHOLOGY Written and Illustrated by Tracy Simpson Available at Outskirts Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble Winner of a Purple Dragonfly Award in 2017 Luminaries – The themes contain a string that loops all three stories together. Story #1 – “The Battle between the Star Signs and the Kaptorvatons” Story #2 – “Traveling with Francine and the Fireflies” Story #3 – “The Enchanted World of Uniland” Story #1 is a tale about power struggles between good and evil. Aliens are working together with misguided humans to conquer and destroy earth’s resources and the human spirit. Members of the zodiac and arch angels ultimately save the day. Story #2 follows the adventures of two fireflies who befriend a faerie and show how friendship and understanding can overcome all obstacles. The story culminates with friendly time traveler visitors bringing a message of love and hope to all sentient beings. Story #3 is about two children who discover a talking unicorn. The authorities swoop down and capture her; but, she is eventually rescued by the children’s Uncle Clyde who is a geological surveyor and horse whisperer. In return, the unicorn, Kira, allows them to see a perfect utopia – her home – Uniland. She then entrusts them with one hundred magical crystals to bring about the harmonization of earth. I believe that “Luminaries” expresses positive thought principles in a very creative and succinct way that will illuminate the hearts and imaginations of children and adults alike everywhere in the form of an animated television series or animated feature films. “Luminaries” focuses on the need for spirituality in everyday life as a means to grow, learn and make positive changes in the world.

The Ballad of Carrot Gold (Animated Western Short)

2019 Animated Western Short Written, Directed, Animated by Zach Steinberg Music by John Jeffery Produced at New York University

THE UNJUST & US - A Love Letter To Your Killer | Full Movie

I'm very proud of my first feature-length documentary, The Unjust & Us.
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