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Two Little Boys - Vulnerable Trace Talbot.mp4



Personal project. Novella, screenplay, audiobook in final draft stages. Synopsis in profile.

Vuelve Al Mar Trailer

Cuando la vida parece volver a su cauce, una marejada de sucesos sacude la vida de Mía ahogando sus sueños y esperanzas. Sin nada más que perder decide volve...

The Second Annual Her Vision Film Festival

We are open for your submissions! This year we also added a section for actors. We have new judges[Joanna Sanchez, This Is Us and X-Files] and new prizes[Diane Drake, ONLY YOU and WHAT MEN WANT]. Visit now. Watch informative and inspiring industry interviews, learn about our judges, and submit your work. Early Bird pricing until April 1st. We are here to make gender in filmmaking a non issue. For instance, last year's winning narrative feature film was produced and written by a woman and directed by a male. If you are a male identify writer or director, and your story shows the plight of women or LGBTQ or shows women or LGBTQ, then your project qualifies to win. Empowerment and unity is what we are about. Share your story, create your film, create your destiny!

Get Happy or The Night Judy Garland Started A Riot

My Graduate thesis project from 1995. A bit dated now, but sums up what I was creating 26 years ago. This film was shown in LGBTQ film festivals around the world, from New York to Montreal to Tokyo.

Script Reading: Vincent & Paul Unspoken Brotherhood, by Frank Hays

Logline: A mentally unstable painter must overcome his tumultuous relationship with his narcissist lover, who uses and exploits him to advance his career. 08...

Crossroads Season 1 Episode 2 Indie Author AJ Mullican & Indie…

Welcome to another episode of Crossroads. This is Season 1, Episode 2 and this show is about the unique connections and contrasts we have as artists. Each episode we bring together 2 artists to have a one on one conversation about life, art, and talking shop. As will see with this first episode that features 2 amazing artists A. J. Mullican and Nicole De Meneses. A. J. is an indie author who does a lot of her own stuff when it comes to putting out a book in true Indie DIY fashion. Nicole is a filmmaker who is very much alike in that DIY aspect but they also both share the idea that there needs to be more diversity in everything not only they do but what is out there. They have a great conversation along those lines and beyond. Below are the links to these two awesome artists, please go and follow them and check out their art after the show. AJ MULLICAN’S LINKS: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Podcast MUSES AND MURDERERS SPOTIFY: ANCHOR.FM: NICOLE DE MENESES’ LINKS: WATCH NIGHTCAP FOR FREE: INSTAGRAM: YOUTUBE CHANNEL GHOST OF STOW LAKE FB PAGE: GHOST OF STOW LAKE INSTAGRAM PAGE:


Teaser-Trailer for the upcoming LGBT feature, RAIN BEAU"S END

Write In

A Flourishing Mentalities film Starring Shannon Dowling & Zandi Carlson Screenplay by Brian Roney Directed by Anne Pariseau

WINSTON teaser

A young man commits the unthinkable to survive, crushing his humanity in the process.

"Mister Sister" - Official Trailer

"Mister Sister" - Official Trailer © 2020 World Domination Pictures, Inc. Follow us on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook @MisterSisterNYC

Comedy Reel

All my dates keep going the same way and I can't figure out why... Any advice?
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