The Stage 32 Videos: Parody

"Free Loadin'", Parody of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'".

A parody of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'". It's a bit blasphemous, and I'm sure Tom would consider this spoof song to be a true "Heart Breaker", or maybe it wo...

Blended Trailers - Scooby-Doo Squad

We take two movies, blend them together and make original trailers. Directed and shot by Danny Cameron Daphne - Wilder Smith Velma - Lilan Bowden (Andi Mack) Shaggy - Kevin Debacker Fred - Landon Ashworth Rick Flag - Jake Sprague Batman - DK Reinemer Amanda Waller - Jacquelyn Harrell Admiral Olsen - David Chavarria Written by Danny Cameron, Wilder Smith Music by Danny Cameron Vocals: Miranda Cameron

Skit #5 - "Searching For A Musical Idea Is Exhausting"

shorts Straining the old grey noodle for ideas can get exhausting. But even while I may appear to be asleep, my mind is still at work in generating ideas for me to explore upon my awakening.

AirA&E - Short Film

Britain. The Not Too Distant Future. Times have become desperate which only calls for... desperate measures. A goofy short film written by Mac Nixon & Will G...

Camp Crystal Rat

This is a sketch that I wrote and acted in college. My very talented friend Brock edited the video, and my also very talented friend June wrote the song that plays at the beginning.

Stephanie Skinner Acting Demo Reel

A video showcase of Stephanie Skinner's talent ranging from comedy to drama to parody.

Stay Inside!

BE A HERO. STAY INSIDE. This video could save your life. Or make you laugh. OR BOTH.

"One More Day" - A Coronavirus Parody

"One More Day" - A Coronavirus Parody of "One Day More" from Les Miserables.

The Ole Switcharoo

Your average 90s body swap sitcom tackles the lighthearted topic of terminal illness.

Romero's Haunted Horrors Survival Guide | Horror Comedy Short Film

Logline: A former horror star turned TV host presents a survival guide for horror movies in hopes of finding a worthy survivor.Starring Vanessa John, Joseph ...

Trailer - Bad Dad

An eager young suitor arrives to collect his date and finds more than he bargained for in a disapproving father.
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