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The Bear Saga Continues

If this doesn't make you laugh then you clearly hate kittens. If it does make you laugh then check out this episode and more on our #YouTube Channel & All #Podcast Platforms. Plenty of Links to find us here - #geeks #friends #funny

Mick writes a Protest Song

Mick wrote a protest song. Here's a clip. Check out this week's Full Episode of #TheSceneSnobs Podcast on our #YouTube Channel & All #Podcast Platforms now! #protest #funny #comedy Links in Bio or

Hey Neighbour (2).mp4

Everyone has the one neighbor that drives them crazy.


We all have that one person in our neighborhood!

The Late Fight Show Test :)

It was a fun thing I did on my winter holiday :) Wish there was such a "Late Fight Show" somewhere in the world!


Funny cartoon

Bell Howard Show Episode 45 (teaser)

Happy New Year! If you haven't heard episode 45, it's got conspiracy theories, aliens, and of course relationship problems. How do you come out Q to your Democrat girlfriend? Remember you can listen to the full show on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Bell Howard Show Episode 44 Teaser

Here's a trailer I made to tease a recent episode I did. If you want you can check it out. Also you can subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

MILK N HONEY (body swap comedy)

ZURIA WINSOME (black) is a graduate student that just relocated to Atlanta. A sorority sister and socialite she knows how to user her charm to get what she needs. In a few months she gets a new apartment, new job, new boyfriend and a new circle of friends. Her life is on the upswing and her potential is endless. STEVE DUROWITZ (white) is a newly married father and tech whiz on the cusp of selling his mobile app to Google for millions. He has two days to get everything situated for his big, life changing meeting. When these two neighbors inexplicably swap bodies one day chaotic comedy ensues. Thrown into each other’s lives without a parachute, they’re forced to keep the normalcy of their lives going while trying to figure out what happened...all without acting out of the ordinary. Trying to balance a life you’ve never lived from a completely different background can be a daunting task. The series of comedic errors and miscues as these two try to act like one another is nothing short of laugh out loud funny.

Life's a Dance

My third short film, written and shot during the pandemic. Moms will relate;)

TRT Part 2

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