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Egyptian Kitty by Deborah Wagner,. 'Couture Slideshow' copyrights 2021

Humans misunderstanding about cat culture.

Mouse in the House (MITH) Pitch Video

This is a Pitch Video for Mouse in the House (MITH) a Serial Comic/Cartoon I am pitching as a :60 Interstitial for Streaming or Cable Platforms. Logline and Pitch deck are on my profile on this site. LOGLINE: Can an Intelligent Enterprising Species Fluid NYC Mus Musculus (House Mouse) Get a Human Woman to Fall in Love w/Him?

Learn 2D Animation Fast with Reallusion's Cartoon Animator 4 -…

The Lazy Animator, Beginner's Guide to Cartoon Animator is the kind of course I wish was available when I was learning the software back in 2012. I just wanted to learn Cartoon Animator as quickly as possible so I could spend more time creating my own animations without getting stuck on things I had yet to learn. With just over three and a half hours of video tutorials The Lazy Animator Beginner's Guide to Cartoon Animator is a crash course in all the main features you need to know in order to make 2D animated cartoons with Cartoon Animator. Suited to complete beginners or even if you've already been learning Cartoon Animator for a while. Follow along but there are no step by step projects to complete. The course is a structured walkthrough of all the essential features you need to know to make amazing animations.

Character animation for Movies Reel

Contact: My Website:


Funny cartoon

Oddbits - A Cartoonish Orchestral Piece by Simon Driscoll

Woodwinds bounce around plucked strings to create this cartoonish fun piece.

Mildred, M.Ed Web Series || [S.1 E. 4 - Field Trip]

Mildred takes her students to the zoo for last field trip they'll ever have and the claws come out when another teacher interrupts Mildred's presentation.#c...

Mildred, M. Ed Web Series || [S.1 E. 3 Recess]

After one of the children's deepest secret is exposed, Mildred steps in to discipline them the best way she knows how.#animation#comedy#webseries#television

Mildred, M.Ed Web Series || {S.1 E. 2} Sex Ed

Mildred interrupts her daily activities to present a lesson on sex after two students are caught having sex in a dumpster.#animation#cartoon#webseries#comedy

Mildred, M.Ed Web Series || {S.1 E.1}-First Day of School

Mildred lays down the law on the first day of school in an attempt to block any notion of rebellion.For More Mildred:Instagram @brie_ziiFor More Projects:Htt...

Phungus & Mowld - Framistan Drive (Ep#1)

Buying a used ship, is just like buying a used car. Created by Kilian Muster. About Phungus & Mowld: Phungus & Mowld features the adventures of Phungus a yellow snailien from a xenophobic planet, Mowld a human, always on some shady "mission", and ALIS, their hacked imperial robot traveling in a spaceship with a Framistan Drive considered extremely unstable and unreliable. Phungus & Mowld is an animated cartoon sci-fi series, created as a one-man-production in its entirety in the creator's spare time. Get more sneaky peek production updates and behind-the-scenes info at Learn More about the Characters here: Connect with us online: ======================= Visit Pixelblast Animation WEBSITE: Like Phungus & Mowld on FACEBOOK: Follow Phungus & Mowld on TWITTER: Follow Kilian Muster on TWITTER: Follow Phungus & Mowld on INSTAGRAM
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