The Stage 32 Videos: Experimental

The Myth (Poetry Film)

The Myth is a fully poetry narrated film that follows the journey of a woman trying to save herself from domestic abuse by visiting the memories of where she went wrong. She discovers that there is nothing wrong with how she loves except she has never chose to love herself first.

Invisibles KaunaPawa

2 individuals, feeling irrelevant to the world, run into each other at a low point in their lives. Instead of drowning together, they go on a journey to self-love and freedom. By traveling the majestic Namibian outback, the landscape of the psyche of a post-Apartheid nation and theirs, they find their place.


Directed by Sarah Avi Zalman Music by Mike Hall Art director and cast: Sarah Avi Zalman Experimental abstract short film

Riga by Philips Serans (2018)

A film by PJ. Marcellino Song by Philippe Séranne Arrangements Serge Folie Original Art by Johan Troïanowski Animation by Pierre Bérnard Film "Riga" (copyleft CC-BY-NC-ND) Longyearbyen Media, 2014-2018. Song "Riga" (copyleft CC-BY-SA) Philippe Séranne, 2014-2018. Produced in Manteyer, Lyon, Riga, Marseille, Veynes, and Toronto. Film donated to the permanent collection of the Museum of Latvian Occupation 1940-1991 on occasion of Latvia's 100th Anniversary (18-Nov-2018) Philippe Séranne:


A young man is disturbed by the sound of raindrops.

The Reflection

A young man looks into his mirror and sees more than just his reflection.

Alone in the Dark

A man is alone in the dark... or is he?

The Loner

A young man, lonely day after day, trapped in a boring and repetitive cycle, has his life drastically change when he meets the girl of his dreams.

"DOLL'S SHADOWS" directed by Sarah Georgieva, Music by Tomasz C.…

Experimental abstract short movie, non story film, video art

Theatre Of Change

A group of amateurs decided to perform and improvise with the audience under an experimental theatre night in Cairo, It took them few days to decide on roles and stories. I was only moved to do this film because of how challenging it was to reflect the insights behind the performance although I wasn't quiet sure until I stepped into the editing myself. It was pretty improvised as well.

Resilience Satelle r.i.c.e.°•★ | Proof Of Concept

Hello Friends! This video is a proof of concept for the upcoming real-short immersive cinematic experience, "Resilience Satelle". An animated Virtual Reality...
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