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Planet Arrival (Instrumental)

Buy: License:!details?id=28796343 Label: Epic Music LA Publisher: 36 PM

Planet Arrival

Buy: License:!details?id=28796345 Label: Epic Music LA Publisher: 36 PM

Strange Lights - Official Trailer

Trailer for the sci-fi short, 'Strange Lights.' Written, produced, directed, and starring Brian Eric Johnson.

Dax The Maine Coon Cat Taks about his book 'The Visitors"

Dax The Maine Coon Cat Taks about his book 'The Visitors"

SKY GODZ Q&A April 2020: Have you seen aliens?

SKY GODZ Q&A: Answering some of the most asked questions like "When is the show coming out?", "Where can I see the show?", "Have you seen aliens?" and many m...

SKY GODZ Vlog 11: Update April 2020

SKY GODZ VLOG 11: Finally a new update on what's been going on with the SKY GODZ animated series. Talking about business, story and art and show lots of pics...


Bixie, Montana is in the middle of nowhere, not connected to any place, and not used as a pass through to get anywhere. But one snowy evening, a lone visitor walking down an old country road changes 13-year-old Aaron Martin's life forever. Aaron thinks he's being a Good Samaritan by inviting the nearly-frozen visitor into his home, but he's unwittingly initiated The Game. A group of Elders, known as the Council of the Legend, come together from time to time to enjoy a rousing event they playfully call "The Game." Now, Aaron's town is the playing board and he and his fellow townspeople are the players. The rules are simple. Win. Because if Aaron loses, he won't just lose his family . . . he'll lose his very identity.

Portal to Hell Final edit 6-27-17.mp4

Dear: Michael Davie Below is my Original Book Portal to Hell it was published on June 13, 2000 and the video trailer. Rumors is a revised version of the Original copy of my Book Portal to Hell (Out of Body Experience to Hell and Back). Rumors was published on February 18, 2019. Reynaldo Reyes/Writer, Artist, Actor, Editor & Independent Filmmaker 140 17th Street, Apt # 19 Brooklyn NY. 11215 Email: Phone: 1-718-554-4192 Cell: 1-347-816-6107 Website: Thank you


PORTAL TO HELL: the delusion of a disordered mind. a phantom. a spirit. a ghost.

The cut out part from the film "Making of Aliens" . I hope in theā€¦

I try myself as an interpreter) Friends were asked to translate into Russian but I tried. Please evaluate)
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