Mindflip webisode 1 | Ken Rowe

Ken Rowe

Mindflip Webisode 1

Mindflip is a feature length science fiction/horror film with a healthy dose of dark humor. Online content introduces audience and community members to the characters and their world. Webisode 1 begins a web series prequel, exploring characters' backstories . http://youtu.be/ZFy2AwZfPjc Other web content features news stories, and trailers: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt_W4D8tCAvLlK9qAcwaudw Is birth a death sentence? Marilyn Hardesty, an aging horror film icon is determined to cheat death and live on in the body of an unwitting host. She enlists the aid of Dr. Laurence Fine, a brilliantly twisted neurobiologist, and Norman Baetz, her boyfriend/man-servant to lure three young women to her crumbling estate, where they carry out their diabolical plan. Will Marilyn achieve eternal life or drown in the fountain of youth?

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