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29 Attendees

Kelly Krause Kelly Krause Organizer
researcher, screenwriter
Jimmy Matlosz Jimmy Matlosz
camera operator, cinematographer, director, photographer (still), producer, screenwriter
Adam Fisher Adam Fisher + 1 Guests
cinematographer, director, editor, screenwriter, sound editor
Brian Smith Brian Smith
researcher, screenwriter, script consultant
Myron DeBose Myron DeBose
Santrise Nicole Santrise Nicole + 1 Guests
music composer, music supervisor, producer, screenwriter
Robert Destefano Robert Destefano + 2 Guests
3d animator, colorist, director, editor, filmmaker, screenwriter
Logan Rees Logan Rees
music composer, screenwriter
Flynn Falcone Flynn Falcone
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Stephen Olson Stephen Olson + 1 Guests
playwright, screenwriter
Kevin Callies Kevin Callies
director, editor, producer, screenwriter
Muriel Naim Muriel Naim + 1 Guests
director, editor, filmmaker, photographer (still), researcher, screenwriter, script consultant
Shelby Alvarez Shelby Alvarez + 1 Guests
actor, casting assistant, clerk, screenwriter
Ken Foley Ken Foley
director, screenwriter
Sarah Smith Sarah Smith
accounting clerk
Nicolle Bryant Nicolle Bryant + 1 Guests
actor, filmmaker, hair stylist
Jaime Gonzalez Jaime Gonzalez
editor, filmmaker
Art Wasem Art Wasem
Scott Wood Scott Wood
actor, comedian, screenwriter, voice artist
Gary Sager Gary Sager
camera operator, musician, producer, screenwriter
Fasika Addis Fasika Addis
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L.A. Screenwriters Meetup

Where: Republic Of Pie
11118 W Magnolia Blvd.
North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California
When: Saturday, January 20th
2:30PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 12 months ago
Updated 12 months ago
About the meetup

Hello, screenwriters!

This San Francisco-based screenwriter is finally heading down to L.A. to attend a class w/ Pilar Alessandra of On the Page, so I thought it'd be great to meet up with other writers, script consultants etc. working in/looking to break into the industry.

Come on out and meet your fellow writers... Or at the very least, treat yourself to a piece of pie. ; )

Hope the day, time and place will work for everyone... Happy writing for now and looking forward to meeting you all! : )

Myron DeBose

Thanks Kelly for setting this up.

Kelly Krause

Happy to do it, Myron ! : )

Sarah Smith

Shall be coming thankyou....


I MAY come.It all depends on a previous engagement that might be cancelled due to snow!

Thank you so much for the invite though:-)

Kelly Krause

Wonderful, Kathleen! I look forward to meeting you. : ) Marzette, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you; it'd be fabulous to connect in person.

Jaime Gonzalez

Looking forward to it!

Kelly Krause

Same here, Jaime! Looking forward to meeting you! : )

Steve Cleary

Wish I could join you! If you're not flying down, stick to the 5. The 101 is still closed just south of Santa Barbara :^\

Kelly Krause

Thanks, Steve! I'll be flying down, but it looks like that'll present its own issues due to San Francisco's weather... Hopefully I'll make it down in one piece. ; ) Hope to meet with you next time!

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