Loglines & Screenplays by Robert Smith

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Save the Farm

GENRES: Comedy, Family, Romance

Catherine Cox, a sophisticated city girl, returns home to the mountains of Virginia to sell the family farm but changes her mind.


GENRES: Adventure, Drama, Family, Romance, Sci-fi, Thriller

“2084” a 10-hour miniseries about the USA in 2084. Reminiscent of 1984, this mini-series is about lovers who try to escape from their totalitarian police state via an underground railroad. They are caught, reconditioned, and play a pivotal part in the evil empire's downfall.

Max Jazz

GENRES: Action, Crime, Family, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi

"Max Jazz" is a pilot for a series. Max is an intergalactic private eye who travels to exotic places in his space ship. Surrounded by lovely women, Max solves momentous cases for 5K a day and expenses.


GENRES: Action, Adventure, Family, Romance, Sci-fi

“Lacon" is a character driven romance comedy about a sexy sales rep & brash scar-faced space captain who crash-land on an alien planet and are forced to flee across country on his hover Harley.

Jeannette: Portrait of a Vampire

GENRES: Film-noir, Horror, Thriller

"Jeannette: Portrait of a Vampire" is a black comedy/horror film about a vengeful vampire who just wants to be loved, but just can't seem to find a faithful man.

Black & White

GENRES: Action, Drama

"Black & White" is a character driven film noir, a drama about 2 brothers and a femme fatale' who go on a crime spree because--well what else is there to do on a Saturday night in a police state?

Hadnot Creek

GENRES: Family, Horror

"Hadnot Creek" is a ghost story about dysfunctional family which is plagued by ghosts from the past who keep them on the farm and control their lives.

Star Furnace

GENRES: Family, Romance, Sci-fi

"Star Furnace" is a romance comedy about two research scientists who fall in love on a space factory orbiting the sun in Mercury's L-3. Together, they foil a religions maniac's plot to take over the station.

Escape from Jupiter

GENRES: Action, Crime, Family, Sci-fi

“Escape from Jupiter” is the story of a lone space man who is pursued across the solar system by maniacal military police, a man who just wants to go home to Earth.

Strawberry Fields Forever

GENRES: Comedy, Family, Romance

"Strawberry Fields Forever" is a character driven romance comedy about couple from the city who buys a run-down strawberry farm and makes it work, with help from a wacky local personalities and a parody on US culture.

The Entrepreneur

GENRES: Comedy, Romance, Sci-fi

"The Entrepreneur" is a character driven romance comedy about a factory worker who develops a commercial scale free energy device financed by Mafia gangsters.


GENRES: Drama, Experimental, Romance

Heartland is a pilot for a web series set in the heartland where hydrofracking causes deep rifts in the community. Real people live, love, and make hard choices in the small town, with a surreal-reality TV look.

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