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David’s Summer (106 pages)

GENRES: Drama, Family

After her newborn son is diagnosed with cancer, a mother races against time to find a cure for him, but when her husband raises questions of quality vs. quantity of life, she chooses to seek treatment options alone and risks not just the life of her baby, but her relationship with her family as well.

Production Specifics:

  • low budget feature
  • not limited to Seattle (any city would work)
  • limited locations
  • minimal visual effects


Tied (107 pages)

GENRES: Crime, Drama

Rejected by her older sister’s gang, a teenage girl from a broken home joins a rival gang and ends up battling her own flesh and blood on the gritty streets of South Central L.A.

Production Specifics:

  • low budget feature
  • not limited to L.A. (any city would work)
  • limited locations
  • minimal visual effects

In the words of a Professional Black List Reader: “TIED is an engaging take on the urban gang story, told from the perspective of teenaged sisters. The plot and structure is well thought out, largely because it is wonderfully intertwined with the characters. Despite the violent downward arc of Jess, one can easily identify with her because of the troubled emotional relationships with her mother and her sister, Nova. The gritty south central LA neighborhood feels alive, even the minor characters pop out. The script is nearly production ready, and were it produced, the film would have broad appeal to fans of gritty gang and crime stories, especially young women.”

An official selection on the 2013 Bitch List.

Vermin (97 pages)

GENRES: Horror

An ex-con with a rat phobia joins forces with his estranged son, his neighbors and a team of exterminators, to rid his apartment building of an infestation of super intelligent rats before they’re eaten alive.

Production Specifics:

  • Mostly contained horror
  • not limited to New York (any large urban city would work)
  • limited locations, predominantly interior
  • many visual effects can be achieved practically

Quarter finalist in the 2013 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, representing the top 10% of all submissions.

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