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Fairway, Kansas

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About Wood

I worked for Dickinson Theatres for 20 years. It was a family held business founded in 1920. For 10 of those years I was president/CEO of the company. I grew the company from a $20M a year theatre chain to a $40M a year chain.
Dickinson had a core staff of about 30 Home Office and 40 managers in the field. At times each year we’d staff up to 2000 staff members. My interaction was with the Board and senior management as well as doormen, ushers and everything in between. I reshaped the company from a command and control structure to a dynamic and creative environment where failure was an option and personal growth was paramount.
In 1994 I began teaching the 7 Habits program in our company. I aided the then Covey Leadership Center develop a one day class for frontline staff so everyone could be touched by the effort.
In 2000 I left Dickinson and started an ongoing consultant practice called Think, LLC. I also started Renegade Pictures and I’ve written two produced features and produced four features.
I’m a writer, producer, photographer and consultant.



  • Ave Maria

    Ave Maria Action Historical Other Thriller If you had a vision how would you feel? Sister Molly Keaton is finding out. Caught between feelings of mental illness, an abusive past, and a violent murder, Molly is having visions of the Virgin Mary. Now Molly who is suspected of murder must chose between her faith or the seeming reality of the world around her and travel to a destiny that effects us all.

  • Christmas Story

    Christmas Story Drama Family Other When Beth McCarthy dies suddenly she leaves her husband Joe lost. He has lost his wife of 45 years and with her death his faith in God, something that was greatly shared by them both. An ACLU lawyer shows up in town to fight with the city and have the manger scene removed from the town square, Joe becomes his unwitting foil. In Joe’s bitterness he sees no reason not to have the scene removed. If his joy is gone why not everyone else's. Joe wasn’t counting on the reaction of the town. Up in arms and angry at Joe this just seems to drive Joe deeper into his convictions. All but one girl. Sally is suffering with an intellectual disability that leaves her seeing the world in simple terms. This hasn’t stopped her. She has a profound but quiet faith in God. Joe wasn’t counting on Sally’s unconditional love and faith that he would ultimately do the right thing. Unknown to Joe the manger scene has played a central role in Sally’s life. It is her connection to her father who died when she was a child. With the help of the ACLU Joe nearly achieves his goal until he realizes his goal has changed. All the vindictiveness of the towns folk wouldn’t move him. Impassioned pleas from his pastor wouldn’t move him but ultimately God working through a simple girl guides Joe back to a place of joy and peace.

  • Forty Days

    Forty Days Drama Other When John Taylor decides that Lent this year would be a good time to make reconciliation with his family and with his wife he doesn’t know that God has plans for him to take the ride of his life. John truly goes into the desert as his plans to reconcile with his estranged father are interrupted by his dad’s sudden death and the reconciliation with his wife (over an affair he had the year before) takes unexpected turns. John Taylor with the help of the ordinary people around him, is going to learn the true price of reconciliation and the love God has for him as his life crashes into a amazing and miraculous Easter experience

  • Circular Evidence

    Circular Evidence Biography Drama After seeing an image from his dream etched in a grain field, an engineer sets out on a quest to understand the phenomenon of crop circles with results that could prevent the destruction of human life on earth. Based on the life of Colin Andrews one of the original crop circle investigators.

  • rfi

    rfi Crime Drama Sci-fi Thriller Two amnesiacs, a UFO investigator and a brain-damaged computer consultant uncover a plot to unleash a deadly mind-control weapon on the world.


    THE KINGDOM PROJECT Action Sci-fi Thriller The year is 421. A warrior desperately attempts to bury a metal box containing secrets that could mean disaster for the world. Before he can complete his task, he’s discovered and dies at the hands of nephilim – soulless, virtually immortal offspring of outcast angels and human women – led by the ruthless Prandor. But the box is a decoy. The real one has been hidden. It isn’t found again for more than 800 years, and it takes another 100 years to reveal the true nature of its contents. The Kingdom Project is Prandor’s plan to conquer not just this world but all worlds. As an immortal, he has plenty of time. His only enemies are the Sons of Jared, a mysterious group of fighters whose sole responsibility is to protect humankind from the nephilim. By 1968, however, the Sons of Jared are weak and scattered, most of them murdered in a single massacre near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. Only the discovery of a mysterious plate of hammered gold – part of the contents of the metal box hidden for so many centuries – is enough to force a few Sons of Jared into regrouping and starting to fight back. The discoverer of the gold plate is a half-Hopi Indian, half-white New Englander. The reluctant Sons of Jared are a professor of comparative religions who is visited regularly by a red-eyed demon, an archeologist who has spent five years in an alcoholic stupor, and a Hopi Indian shaman whose motives are cause for suspicion. Together, William Clark, Rachel Morgan, Dave Mathews and the shaman called Huiksi set out to match strength and wits with an apparently unbeatable foe. Along the way, these four unlikely comrades confront their own internal demons. Finally, in a desperate, last-ditch attempt to prevent Prandor and his nephilim army from making Earth a staging ground for conquest of the universe, they come to understand the source of true power – love and shared humanity.


  • The Perfect Student

    The Perfect Student (2012)
    Film by Renegade Pictures Producer

  • Abandoned

    Abandoned (2010)
    Film by Renegade Pictures Producer

  • Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas

    Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas (2009)
    Film by Renegade Pictures Writer/Producer

  • Raising Jeffrey Dahmer

    Raising Jeffrey Dahmer (2006)
    Film by Renegade Pictures writer/producer


  • 3 Silver and 3 Bronze Telly Awards - Abandoned

  • Telly Awards for Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas 2 Bronze 1 Silver

  • Best director, best actor, best actress - Drifter Beverly Hills Film Festival


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