Loglines & Screenplays by Tracy Ryan

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The Alliance

GENRES: Drama, Thriller

An idealistic young journalist learns of a decades-old crime of murder and cover-up that involves the President and tries to secure proof and blog the story before she is caught and killed.

Dad's Behaving Badly

GENRES: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family

A parent and teen outbound adventure trip in remote Arizona with three flawed fathers and their not-so-happy teenagers goes awry when they cross paths with a Mexican drug cartel.

Lucy in London

GENRES: Comedy, Drama, Family, Musical

When a spunky and talented 12-year-old American girl is forced to go to London with her workaholic mom, she secretly auditions and wins the last minute replacement of “Annie” in the West End production and must survive until opening night to prove her talent to her mother.

The Golden Years

GENRES: Comedy, Drama, Romance

A workaholic managing partner of a law firm is forced to retire at sixty-five. His overjoyed wife whisks them to a lively senior community in Florida and unless he overcomes old habits and an identity crisis he’ll lose his wife to a fun and popular resident, who is also an old foe of his.

She's Mine

GENRES: Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance

The friendship of two fourteen-year-old boys is ruined when they both fall for the hot new girl at their school only to learn that she’s been setting them up - her psychotic shtick she enjoys every time she relocates to a new town. They turn the tables.

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