Andrew Finn Burhoe

Andrew Finn Burhoe

Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Photographer (Still) and Director of Photography

Los Angeles, California

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August 2013
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About Andrew

Born to a family of squirrels in Boston, Massachusetts. He learned the way of the nut. How this nut could be utilized to aquire great power. Soon Finn fled to Los Angeles, California after realizing Austin, Texas was a total waste of his time.

Since having been in LA for almost three years there have been many great truths he has learned:

You can't grow trees in a desert. Especially since it is in a drought.

One must learn to adapt to the life of LA which Finn has not. Yoga is not the way of the squirrel.

Many people think Finn is only 18 years old. He is not.

Also he has learned Craigslist is evil. But so is Mandy and StaffMeUp.

Unique traits: Fine tuned sense of humor Understanding of aesthetical art. Enjoys copious amounts of coffee. Enjoys intense challenges and deadlines most would ignore.



  • Unholy Union: A Homosexual Gay Satanic Wedding In The Heart Of Los Angeles

    Unholy Union: A Homosexual Gay Satanic Wedding In The Heart Of Los Angeles (2016)
    Documentary by Andrew Finn Burhoe Photographer / Documenter "I am not freeing myself. Nor am I answering to myself. I am only answering to what has come to fruition." As the title states. The unholy union of Van Jazmin and J. Before you I must warn what will be seen in many ways is not real. What you see is a figment of the reality of a marriage. In clearly understanding you will accept it for the truth it beholds to you. That it will be, has been and will always be there after. If you see sin then that is what you see. If you happiness then you are happy. There is no one wrong nor correct interpretation of what transpired and took place. When discovering that many elements you will experience can seem either disturbing or bizarre. Accept this fact. It is only what you make of it that then in the end your vision is only beholden to how you will and are going to process it all. There will moments where you will smile. There be moments where you are disturbed. Consider your beliefs are not what others feel. Your true self can only answer to that. What this is and this is not is exactly what you think it is. Art. A visual narrative displayed in cinematic stills.

  • Trailer - Satellite Beach

    Trailer - Satellite Beach (0000 - 2014)
    Film (short) by Luke Wilson Editor

  • My All American

    My All American (2014)
    Film by Angelo Pizzo Post Production Intern

  • Life After Beth

    Life After Beth (2013)
    Film (Comedy, Horror and Romance) Camera and Electrical Department A hike alone in the woods ends tragically for Beth Slocum with a fatal snake bite. Her death leaves her parents and boyfriend Zach reeling. After the funeral, Zach tries to make friends with Mr. and Mrs. Slocum, but even they reject him, and he's determined to figure out why. Then he sees Beth. Her parents are trying to keep her resurrection a secret, but zombie Beth provides Zach with the opportunity to do everything with her that he didn't get to do while she was still alive. But with Beth's increasingly erratic behavior and even more strange occurrences around town, life with the undead Beth proves to be particularly complicated for her still-living loved ones. Written by Anne Campbell

  • The Forever

    The Forever (2012)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Drama) Editor In this award-winning surreal comedy we follow Dave, a high-strung Sarasotian man, making a last-minute attempt to save his relationship. In desperation he sells his beautiful '70s Chevelle for an engagement ring and chases after his girl. Dave's world spirals out of control and he slips deeper into madness as he juggles the proposal, a soon-to-vanish job offer, his nuisance of a roommate, an emotionally-prying unintended hitchhiker, and his infernal new car, The Geo-Metro. (Senior thesis film shot on the Red Epic in the Digital Film program at Ringling College of Art and Design. Sean Benson © 2012) Written by Sean Benson

  • The Devil in Me

    The Devil in Me (2012)
    Film (Short, Drama, Horror and Mystery) Editorial department After losing their child at birth Adam and Eve begin to drift apart. With their future uncertain they decide to take counseling together. Eve desperately wants another child while Adam seems reluctant, almost as if he's hiding something. Eve's suspicion unearths the truth about Adams secrecy as well as her own secrets that have been buried for years. What she discovers will change them both forever. Written by Anonymous

  • The Brittany Box

    The Brittany Box (2011)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department A shy high school student must try to save face when his classmates find out he has been stealing little trinkets from the girl he secretly adores.

  • Furry

    Furry (2011)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Drama and Romance) Camera and Electrical Department Mild-mannered illustrator Ryan Wetherby channels his childhood with his obsession of 'furry,' a nerdy subculture where people geek over cartoon animals. When his dream girl co-worker becomes available, he gathers the courage to ask her out. He faces a dilemma, however: does he tell her about his furry obsession, or does he hide it away It doesn't help that his out-and-proud furry best friend Terry wants to convert every person he meets to the furry fandom! Written by Anonymous

  • An Ever Present Silence

    An Ever Present Silence (2011)
    Film (Short and Drama) Editor While sitting in a rocking chair, Rory, a young boy stares at his dying father. He remembers a day while going onto a fishing pier. Back in the present he is walking to father as if he is floating. Going to the pier, Dale, his father is yelling at him for not committing. Apologizing, Rory begins to get up. Only to be back in the present in front of his father. He kneels down and watches his father pass away. As we enter his mind we come back to the pier only this time it is peaceful. Written by Andrew Burhoe

  • Be There for Me

    Be There for Me (2010)
    Film (Short and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department A girl who has been with her abusive boyfriend finally leaves him for someone who cares for her.

  • Escape

    Escape (2010)
    Film (Short) Camera and Electrical Department A young boy escapes into his imaginary fantasy world, in order to cope with his parents' divorce.

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