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Steve Long

Shoot By Daylight
Cinematographer, Director of Photography, Videographer, Producer, Director, Editor and Photographer (Still)

New York City, New York

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  • Wakey Wakey

    Wakey Wakey (2016)
    Television (News) Editor Wakey Wakey is a video show about the world around you. Every Tuesday, we highlight something interesting and tell you why it matters.

  • What We Talk About When We Talk About Zombies

    What We Talk About When We Talk About Zombies (2015)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Horror) Editor It's 2 months into a devastating zombie outbreak. As a last ditch effort, Ted has applied undead makeup hoping to camouflage himself amongst the hungry horde so he can track down his missing girlfriend. Michael has been frustrated that his "open relationship" with Tammy has continued even in the face of unending peril. And Steve? Well Steve has enjoyed Tammy's company and also a delicious can of emergency beans.

  • The Devpost Commit

    The Devpost Commit (2015)
    Television (Talk-Show) Editor Add a Plot »

  • Behind the Mask: The Batman Dead End Story

    Behind the Mask: The Batman Dead End Story (2015)
    Film (Documentary) Editorial department Director and Writer Eric Dow ("Honor in the Valley of Tears") brings us his second documentary as he goes behind the scenes of the fan fiction short film, "Batman: Dead End." In the winter of 2003 commercial director Sandy Collora and some of his friends set out to make a low-budget short film for his demo reel. What they wound up actually doing was making one of the most elaborate, most watched, most talked about and most controversial short films ever made: Batman Dead End. Considering the amount of press and admiration Batman: Dead End garnered, everybody expected it to quickly propel director Sandy Collora into the Hollywood stratosphere, but instead his career failed to launch. Now, we get the inside look at the legend of the superhero and the people who help create it including Collora, comic book legend Neal Adams, and convention all stars Sean Clark, Shawn Reeves and Jordu Schell. Behind The Mask: The Batman Dead End Story is an incisive look at the making of the short film, ... Written by Candy Factory Films

  • Built in Brooklyn

    Built in Brooklyn (2014)
    Television (Reality-TV) Editor Add a Plot »

  • Shockwave Darkside

    Shockwave Darkside (2014)
    Film (Action and Sci-Fi) Editorial department It is the last, great war. Out of the wreckage of a troop transport, five soldiers on the way to battle find themselves stranded on the dark side of the moon. Cut off and behind enemy lines, they start a dangerous journey through snipers and minefields back to their home territory. As their numbers dwindle and nerves fray, they make an amazing discovery about the moon that just might save their lives. Written by Jay Weisman

  • Love in Therapy

    Love in Therapy (2012)
    Film (Short and Drama) Editor An aging psychotherapist Dr. Karen Hashimoto struggles with her emotions. Facing with the decision she made to end her relationship with a much younger man, Kenny. Kenny makes a brave move to win her back and Karen experiences an unexpected confrontation with him in her therapy office. Karen's decision is firm, even though her heart has been longing for him. Being an expert, it should be easy to be in control and in charge, and talk him out of it as she doesn't see her future with him. But when it comes to her own... well, it's not so cut and clear. Kenny's determination to pursue their relationship is unshakable. They both have made up their minds to stick with their beliefs. This short glimpses a struggle of a relationship where there is a significant gap in time. When it comes to a romantic relationship, are we supposed to follow our hearts rather than our minds ? But then what will the consequence be... Does love conquer all ? Written by Mariko Takai

  • TechCrunch Makers

    TechCrunch Makers (2012)
    Television (Reality-TV) Editor Add a Plot »

  • Sing Out!

    Sing Out! (2011)
    Film (Documentary, Family and Music) Editor Come on a journey from conception to performance of a cultural event that hasn't been seen in Northern New Jersey but will become a festival tradition. 'Sing Out!' is the history of a choral event conceived by Jason Asbury and brought to life by various choirs in Essex County. The goal of the Essex County Choral Festival is to use choral music to build relationships between communities in Essex County by celebrating its rich past and demonstrating a vision for its promising future. Written by Anonymous

  • Transcendent Man: Live with Ray Kurzweil

    Transcendent Man: Live with Ray Kurzweil (2011)
    Film (Documentary) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • HP's ePrint Live

    HP's ePrint Live (2011)
    Film Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • Inside the Actors Studio

    Inside the Actors Studio (2010 - 2011)
    Television (Talk-Show) Camera and Electrical Department James Lipton interviews some of today's most talented actors, directors and writers. In the audience are students and famous alumni of the Actors Studio's master of fine arts program. The interviewees talk about their childhood, how they got started in show business, their early career and behind-the-scenes trivia. The interview concludes with a standardized questionnaire that includes such questions as "What is your favorite word?" and "If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive?" After that, Lipton and the interviewee move to a classroom where the M.F.A. students can question the interviewee directly. Written by Steven W. Siferd <>

  • Comedy Central Presents

    Comedy Central Presents (2011)
    Television (Documentary and Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew A television series featuring various stand-up comics.

  • Love

    Love (2010)
    Film (Documentary) Editor Love is the ultimate force for health, happiness, harmony and well-being. The power of Love can overcome any darkness or negativity and can take on endless forms. In this dynamic 90-minute program, Dr. Gary Null and 16 of the world's leading Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Philosophers, Professors and Spiritual Experts, come together to share their insights on every aspect of Love based on questions from people around the globe! Written by Gary Null & Associates

  • Preventing and Reversing Diabetes Naturally

    Preventing and Reversing Diabetes Naturally (2010)
    Film (Documentary) Editor Preventing and Reversing Diabetes Naturally features Dr. Gary Null along with the world's top Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists and Psychologists who will show your viewers the latest, most powerful natural and conventional approaches to prevent or reverse Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome. Written by Gary Null & Associates

  • Daughter of Lilith

    Daughter of Lilith (2010)
    Film (Short, Drama and Romance) Editorial department In a remote Hasidic village, a young girl possessed by the spirit of Lilith seduces a newlywed who awaits the circumcision of his firstborn.

  • Preventing and Reversing Cancer Naturally

    Preventing and Reversing Cancer Naturally (2009)
    Film (Documentary) Editor Join Gary Null PhD and the worlds leading Cancer Specialists who will show you the latest natural and conventional methods to overcome this dreaded disease.

  • Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease Naturally

    Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease Naturally (2009)
    Film (Documentary) Editor Join Dr. Gary Null and the world's leading Board-Certified Cardiologists and other physicians who will show you how to prevent and reverse heart disease naturally.

  • Overcoming the Dark Side

    Overcoming the Dark Side (2009)
    Film (Documentary) Editor In Overcoming The Dark Side, Gary Null Ph.D. and 13 of the world's top psychological and spiritual experts show you how to overcome the dark side that dwells in each and every one of us. This dark side is responsible for virtually every negative thought, emotion and action that affects our lives individually and collectively. Written by Gary Null & Associates

  • Be a Healthy Woman

    Be a Healthy Woman (2009)
    Film (Documentary) Editor Join Gary Null Ph.D. as he discusses everything a woman needs to enjoy vital health regardless of age. Dr. Null will present the latest cutting-edge, scientific information along with empowerment strategies to live a long, beautiful, happy and healthy life. Written by Gary Null & Associates

  • Overcoming Addictive Behavior

    Overcoming Addictive Behavior (2008)
    Film (Documentary) Editor Add a Plot »

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