Loglines & Screenplays by Kelly Stanphill

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GENRES: Comedy

In order to escape her dreary life, a lonely middle-aged true crime obsessed woman, who thinks she hears Dateline’s Keith Morrison talking to her, follows her passion and becomes an amateur sleuth, along with two acquaintances: an eccentric Pee Wee Herman-esq neighbor, and a 21-year old Goth co-worker.

8 Friends, 3 Nights, 2 Arrests

GENRES: Comedy

An engaged couple and six friends travel to New Orleans for their bachelorette/bachelor party but the trip takes a turn for the worse when they have to navigate the unique world of Louisiana when they both lose their wedding bands.

Laundry Chronicles

GENRES: Comedy, Romance

A romantically challenged woman, whose idea of love is based on old movies and pop songs, navigates the tricky world of marriage, divorce, single motherhood and many “wrong” guys while ignoring one that just might be “right.” Or not.


GENRES: Drama, Romance

An uptight woman from New York has her well-ordered life upset after she inherits a dog from her artistic and free-spirited neighbors.

Hollywood Handcuffs (Web Series)

GENRES: Comedy

Three young assistants in Los Angeles maneuver their way through the trenches of the film industry while keeping their personal lives and jobs in tact amidst the tyrannical reign of their bosses.

K-STARS TV (Web Series)

GENRES: Comedy, Other

The staff of a low-budget cable TV station in Starwood, Indiana struggle to get along while producing local television programming with both limited budgets and talent.

Junkie (TV Spec)


A desperate single mother deals with her teenage son’s drug addiction by exacting revenge on those who got him hooked.

Sunny in Malibu (TV Spec)

GENRES: Comedy

A flighty L.A. native, on the brink of her 3rd divorce and bankruptcy, juggles launching a catering business out of her double-wide trailer (aka “land yacht”) in Malibu, while raising two head strong kids.

The Asylum (TV Spec)

GENRES: Comedy

An uptight kleptomaniac struggles to balance the often unusual demands of her wild and eccentric bosses, high-maintenance clients and needy co-workers at a Hollywood production company, while trying to remain semi-sane and employed.

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