Loglines & Screenplays by Sean Crayne

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When the Devil Comes Knocking

GENRES: Horror, Thriller

A demon has set it's sight on Patrick's family starting with his father. Suddenly the darkness inside Patrick's father is to much and when Patrick hears his father take his own life the demon knocks at Patrick's door. This demonic force is willing to kill anyone in it's path for the pure joy of it, the only question is: will Patrick open the door?

The Daughters of Eve

GENRES: Action, Crime

Allison witnesses her parents killed in front of her at the Age of 8. Allison is trained in five different kinds of martial arts the main one being WING CHUN, in order to get back at the organization that killed her parents. But, when the city of Detroit is in dire need of a hero. Her revenge turns into just the thing the city needs...a hero.

Imagine Dan

GENRES: Not selected

A young 11 year old girl named Shawna has a hard time making friends and it is even harder when your mother keeps moving you around all the time. Shawna has a creative imagination and is a very good artist, who needs new friends when you can create them is her mindset. Shawna creates a cartoon called "The Adventures of Dan and Shawna", everything is going well in her new school until some girls decide to pick on Shawna and her notebook goes into a puddle and is ruined. Shawna doesn't like anything about her new home, that is, until she is given a notebook by a strange Woman named Cassandra and suddenly her cartoons come to life.

They Will Be Loved


Based on a True Story: Abused as a child, Bethany Walters must now choose between remaining in touch with her children or, abandoning them forever and becoming her abusive mother.

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