Loglines & Screenplays by Joe Bohn

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GENRES: Sci-fi

Desperate to bring his dead fiancé back to life, a brilliant scientist creates an AI in her image; but when the seductive AI starts to deteriorate, he is forced to choose between allowing the being he loves to die or giving it the real body it wants by killing an innocent woman so that it can escape into the real world.


GENRES: Thriller

Dying from cancer, a twisted millionaire invites four colleagues from college to reconnect at his secluded prison like mansion, but when the millionaire reveals that he believes his salvation will come from forcing his colleagues to confess the evil sins they committed on each other, they must figure out a way to survive his twisted game and escape before the millionaire traps them inside his Mausoleum mansion forever.

Ulterior Motives

GENRES: Action

While running for their lives from the mob, two brothers turn against each other while trying to win the heart of the woman they both love; but when the machinations of their enemies turn them against each other, they must learn that blood is thicker than water and reunite before their enemies destroy everything and everyone they hold dear.

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