Loglines & Screenplays by Randy Gross

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The Obligatory

GENRES: Film-noir, Comedy

All of the necessary elements of a film noir are in place – a buxom femme fatale, a mysterious villain, heck even a spider web of deceit – but suddenly two amateur filmmakers are instructed by their eccentric financier to add an obligatory Christmas scene.


Best Genre (Comedy) Screenplay - 2015 Asbury Park Music in Film Festival

3rd Place Laurels - 2016 Land of Illusion/BAO Prods Screenplay Competition

The Tin Shed

GENRES: Drama, Fantasy

Two lost souls – (A) a philandering dentist on Long Island; (B) a timid garment worker in Bangladesh – both of them unhappy with their lots, pray for release from their dreary existences while in their (A) tin-roofed work shed; (B) corrugated tin shack; and inexplicably have their identities swapped.

***Note: partially based on the true story of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse that took place near Dhaka in April of 2013.

Awards: Official Selection, 2017 Oaxaca Film Fest.

It's A Not So Wonderful Christmas Carol

GENRES: Comedy, Fantasy

"It’s A Wonderful Life” collides with “A Christmas Carol” in a what if? tale set in Pottersville, so named because ornery old Mr. Potter has successfully driven George Bailey to suicide, and now rules the town with a Scrooge-like iron fist. 

Star Lite

GENRES: Independent, Comedy

A pair of drinking buddies are joined by a self-proclaimed NASA expert on a quest to tap an alcohol-laden space cloud some 10,000 light years from Earth.

***A mockumentary-style film.

Seldom Is Heard

GENRES: Comedy, Drama

Meet John Seldom, Philadelphia’s very own Capraesque “every man,” who suddenly finds himself homeless and running for mayor against incumbent Sly Pignolli, a machine politician whose dirty politics may force the City of Brotherly Love’s indigents to lose their mouthpiece.


2nd Place, 2012 KAYfilms Summer Screenplay Contest

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