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By Suzanne Lutas

GENRE: Thriller, Horror

When a gifted art intern is held captive, she must restore a Renaissance era painting believed to hold the secret to the Fountain of Youth -- and save her abductor's dying son.


Notably, the characters’ paths irresistibly converge towards Titian’s portrait “The Man with a Glove”. All are driven by love leading them to surpass themselves and brave the danger around the painting. Even if, at first, each one of them is locked in a mental or an actual prison.

Hence the Central dramatic question -- will they be able to break free?

CLAIRE lost her parents in a car accident and couldn’t save her younger brother from drowning. Feeling guilty and unworthy of love or belonging, she’s found in painting a defensive way to cope. Now, it is against her will that she must restore the Titian painting when she is held captive, with a broken leg, and little hope of escape.

The kidnapper, MRS. FORSTER, is a necromancer locked into desperation. She believes that the Titian painting holds the secret to the Fountain of Youth, which is the cure for her dying son, STUART. She also uses black magic to bring to life the portrait of her Renaissance ancestor, LADY ANNE, for the occult knowledge she has of that very Titian she herself owned.

Now, Lady Anne outdoes Mrs. Forster in witchcraft. Once freed from her confinement, she takes control and seeks immortality for herself and for lover. She’s convinced that the Fountain secret is concealed in an encryption within the Titian and wants Claire’s discoveries.

Precisely, youth is what Stuart lacks. Suffering from Progeria, he looks eighty, but he’s only eighteen. People like him never reach 20. Ashamed and weary of frightening people because of his appearance. He hides from Claire first. But he falls for her and gets permission to spend time with her. Claire gradually develops a deep affection for him.

Concurrently, ALBA, Claire’s only friend since they met in a foster home, breaks the restraints of her probation by investigating on Claire’s disappearance.

Obviously, The Man with a Glove is confined within the frame of a canvas. Though he can be brought back to life by the two necromancers’ black magic, a single drop of blood can revive him properly-- Claire’s blood, who happens to be his last direct descendant! The only one to whom he can confide the Fountain of Youth secret.

When Claire eventually meets the Titian’s sitter in the flesh, he entrusts her with his glove. Later, she pulls it onto Stuart’s hand and watches the magic within the glove shed years on Stuart.

Ultimately, all the characters meet in the mansion where Claire’s captive, with dire consequences for some. Yet, escaping one way or another, from the prison they were locked in.

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