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The actress

GENRES: Thriller

Anna-Marie is a neurotic unemployed acress, waiting for her chance in life.
Suddently she is offered the part of a psychopatic murderess in a movie, if she can pass a test of being able to imitate somebody.
She does what she is afraid is happening to her, she carefully observes her target person.
Unexpectedly she finds friendship.
But then maybe it is all a fraud, and her imitation subject is to be cheated?
Instead it turns out to be murder, and Anna-Marie has been carefully documented to behave like a psychopath.

Children, Children ("Kinder, Kinder")

GENRES: Comedy, Musical, Other

Peter, a scientist, just testing a new drug causing the temportal loss of recent memories, has forgotten he needs to take care of his 3 kids from a divorced marriage for a while.

Moving into the house with his subject, and imposing strict rules and regulations on everyone, he can continue his experiments. But he does not count on his children giving him a dose of the drug as well, so he would became a pal instead of a despot.

He is indeed turned back to his youth, but to their chagrin, was guite a rascal then, and they end up having to take care of him as well as the house, instead of having fun.

Then the study needs to be completed early or funding will be cut, youth services is announcing a visit to check on the children seemingly left alone, and their father, having turned younger and younger with their admisitrations, finally turned into a toddler.

Catastrophe can’t be far.

The Big Bang Theory Spec Scipt: The Heir Failure

GENRES: Comedy

The gang enters a competition for writing an intelligent program, which, as it learns from the groups' experiences, soon takes on lecturing Sheldon how to behave.

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