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By Chris Hind

GENRE: Sci-fi

When aliens crash-land on a lush Eden-like planet, an exemplary game warden questions his loyalty when ordered to eliminate the survivors who look just like him. 


Icarus, a loyal young game warden controlled by the Overseer’s, nurtures the animals in his ecologically balanced niche on an Eden-like planet.

When aliens crash-land, the natural equilibrium is upset and the duty-bound wardens are ordered to kill the intruders on sight.

Icarus’ obedience is put to the test, as the aliens who act and speak as he does, probe him about the whereabouts of the original human inhabitants and the Overseer’s part in their disappearance.

Icarus has found artifacts to support their claim of a cover-up and as his self-determination soars he must decide where his allegiance lies.

Wilmer Villanueva

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