Loglines & Screenplays by Nelson Farber

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Song of Solomon


His will to live having been destroyed by the brutality and banality of his profession, an attorney at the end of his rope encounters an other-worldly woman who renews his struggle to live, to love and to savor beauty.

The Hero

GENRES: Comedy

A cleavage-baring Italian TV reporter's scoop interview with the meek girlfriend of the schmuck who accidentally saved New York from nuclear annihilation results in a confrontation that leaves both women reassessing their identities. Project Fiscal Sponsor Webpage


GENRES: Comedy

An average Joe's lonely night at the Laundromat leads to a sudsy series of surreal erotic adventures with a mystery woman who appears and then vanishes every time he is around foam. Can our anti-hero kick his new-found "foam habit?" A story of desire, addiction and shifting identities, that resembles an acid trip.

Perpetual Check


Checkmate? Hardcore chess junkies clash with the demands of "normal" society, jeopardizing their families, careers and even their lives, as they straddle the line between obsession and destruction.


GENRES: Documentary

Avant-garde 1920's and 30's medical researchers thrust aside all constraints set by the old scientific and religious guards, and launch a global movement, as they carry out ghouish experiments to reverse aging, achieve immortality, and even resurrect the dead. Project Fiscal Sponsor Page

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