Loglines & Screenplays by David Koenen

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The Star Geezer

GENRES: Independent

An old and depressed man suffering from chronic Deja Vu, and recurring nightmares of an epic agricultural apocalypse shares his secret with his psycho analyst, that he is in fact the young astronaut recently returned from the dangerous mission to the planet Epsilon. The analyst who is dealing with her own problems is seduced by the drama he discloses to her. They enlighten each other on the multi dimensions of time and memory, and he enlists her to help him stop the scheming NASA Commander who is attempting to profit hugely from the blundered mission by pedaling the volatile alien soil samples to Big Agriculture. She becomes convinced that the old man has real memory of a future event and she becomes immersed in the conspiracy which quickly has her framed as the lone suspect in an attempted double homicide.


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