Loglines & Screenplays by G. Leo Maselli

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Pan-African Nationalists Have Robbed A Vatican Art Museum Of Its Ancient And Venerated Bakongo Crucifix.As Vatican Intelligence Prepares A Covert Plan To Recover The Crucifix, Into This Perfect Storm Arrives Dominic, An American College Dropout.Being Wrongly Accused Of Robbing The Vatican Triggers His Fast And Furious Fall Into A Spellbinding Maze Of Crime And Self-Discovery.

Crossing The Bar

GENRES: Biography, Drama

At age twelve Aimée Tanneur declared that she would become the first female Bar Pilot on San Francisco Bay. When she graduated from the California Maritime Academy her valedictory comments recalled her deceased father’s forewarning that it would never be an easy goal to attain. While neither her mother’s jealousy and guile, nor even Somali pirates, can alter her emotional journey, Aimée learns that only sex discrimination has the power to defeat her.


GENRES: Comedy, Sci-fi

It’s East L.A. where the comic and the cosmic collide. There, aliens, from across our borders and from across our galaxy, are changing life as we know it. It’s about an intergalactic scheme devised by two undocumented Latinos living in a big city barrio. They become amateur radio astronomers in hopes of making a big score off the gullible gringos. When two AWOL extraterrestrials arrive with plans of their own, the scheme turns into a communications breakthrough for aliens and earthlings alike.

Spiriting West

GENRES: Comedy, Western

Robert Todd Lincoln, son of the President, is a newly commissioned officer in the Union Army with orders to travel to California and there to connect with an unpredictable writer named Sam Clemens. The two young men become unlikely heroes when forced by circumstances to find their destinies in gold fields of California and are drawn into a devilish Confederate plot.

The Convict's Wife

GENRES: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Haunted by is mother’s deathbed plea to find an Italian wife, Danny learns that the best part of repentance is actually a little sinning. When he finds the woman of his dreams he unwittingly involves himself in her desperate plot to escape the marriage trap she has created for herself. Together they play a humorous and risky game of jeopardy.

Olive Vous

GENRES: Comedy, Drama

Virginia closes her young eyes to the emotional stakes being wagered when she dips a toe into the grownup's pleasure pool for pleasure's sake alone.

Bella Fantasma (Beautiful Phantom)

GENRES: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

This is the story of Lat as he escapes New York in search of physical and emotional sanctuary. His path takes him to his Southern Italian roots as WWII is about to erupt. There he finds a medieval village inhabited only by women and harboring a notorious highwayman. It is a parable that illustrates that indulging the Self is all we can ever really do. Inspired by Fellini’s psychological 8½ and Jung’s underpinning theories, this is a lyrical and sensuously drawn drama set within a world of fanciful realism.

"Mae Posop" (The Rice Mother)

GENRES: Documentary

When Thongdee, the humble Thai rice farmer, re-discovers the spiritual blessings of Mae Posop (the Rice Mother) he is finds the way to teach his fellow rice farmers the down-to-earth concepts of food security, sustainable agriculture and climate change resiliency. Thongdee puts a compelling and hopeful face on the millions of Southeast Asians encountering current and anticipated climate change hardships.

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