Loglines & Screenplays by Sean Nash

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God's Little Gag

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Film-noir, Romance, Thriller

Sexy young live-in Carer Mandy Francis unwittingly risks her life when she discovers a way of communicating with her quadriplegic patient Danny King who, unable to speak despite an incessant & blackly-comedic internal monologue, knows a secret that could destroy his obscenely rich and wildly dysfunctional family.

Sins of Our Fathers

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Drama, Historical, War

A Vietnam Vet, suddenly introduced by his Ex-Wife to the teenage Granddaughter she’s raised on her own and whom he’s never met, is forced to finally grow up when asked to talk the girl out of joining the military like her Grandad, and his Dad, and his Dad before him.

SparkleArkle and the Quantum Solution

GENRES: Animation, Comedy, Fantasy

SparkleArkle and her Fairy Pooch, BarkleArkle – along with the aid of the entire Arkle Family of Gnomes, Elves, Pixies and Fairies living in the Hospital Fairy Garden of Dreams and Wishes – help one of Mercy General’s youngest patients realize the power behind thoughts.

Splat Cat

GENRES: Action, Animation, Comedy

Shakespearian-trained Splat Cat is embarrassed to be playing second lead to KK Kool Kat, the Johnny Depp-esque hero of their action-adventure TV Western series “Cat Fight”, and each week secretly schemes with resident villian Hairy Hound to become the show’s Star.


GENRES: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Film-noir, Romance, Thriller

A 1-hour long-form Melodramedy. “The past we inherit from others – the future we inherit from ourselves.” Set on Miami's brash, glittering beachfront where blue collar cases walk in the same door as millionaires terrified of going to gaol, Inheritance is an M-rated series driven at relentless speed by the parallel story engines of police-procedural, law office intrigue, courtroom drama, and P.I. crime-caper combined in the sexy, exciting and dysfunctional-family traditions of Boston Legal, Burn Notice and The Good Wife.

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