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AFX Industrial (film scores)

AFX Industrial (film scores) are your one stop for getting a great score for your film! http://afxindustrial.com

Chaosphere for Filmmakers

Hi Stage 32 Friends, Exciting news! AFX Industrial (film scores) have now released 'Chaosphere' a brand new selection of 32 electronic tracks and underscores for film makers. Buy once and get unlimited use in your films and shows! No contracts, No restrictions! Go here to purchase: http://afxindustrial.com/shop.html Best wishes, David. AFX Industrial (film scores)...

Need awesome trailer music composed for your trailer?

My scoring company AFX Industrial (film scores) see too many of your great looking film trailers that are let down by, well, frankly amateur music. Why make awesome, expensive looking footage and then hand it over to a 'composer' to ruin? Surely it would be preferable to have it scored professionally? Of course it would be. Join the long list of prime time TV shows that already know this … my IMDB credits are not bragging they are simply 'endorsements' from fellow filmmakers:...

AFX Industrial (film scores)

Hire AFX to compose music for your movie! Your film's score is our mission & our passion! http://afxindustrial.com

AFX Industrial (film scores)

AFX Industrial (film scores) specialize in creating great music for your films. http://afxindustrial.com Get in touch for an informal chat today!

Example scores (click the image to go to a You Tube playlist of…

Want cool music like this on your film? Get in touch, see below ... AFX Industrial (film scores) are your one stop shop for getting a professional film score written for your feature film. We specialise in delivering finely tuned musical scores, from high impact scenes to intimate cinematic moments, you'll love what we do! Getting in touch is easy via Twitter @afx_filmscores or drop us a line at mail@afxindustrial.com

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