Loglines & Screenplays by C.m. Andino

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GENRES: Drama, Independent

A 13 year-old boy shows up at his Dad's house after his mom is sent to rehab. He must set aside his expectations and find a way to bond with the Iraqi war veteran suffering from traumatic brain injury.


GENRES: Action, Sci-fi

When the inventors of a time travel machine take it upon themselves to rid the world of injustice, they unwittingly create a world full of fear and oppression. One man goes on a mission to travel back in time and prevent the invention of the machine and undo the heartache it has brought.

The Visitor

GENRES: Action, Sci-fi, Thriller

Popular culture would have humans believe that they are inferior to lifeforms on other planets. One astronaut discovers the contrary, and becomes one fragile race's worst nightmare.


GENRES: Drama, Romance

In the midst of the Russian Revolution, a new found love is put to the test when the object of his lingering infatuation comes back into their lives. Her identity could shatter more than just their budding relationship.


GENRES: Drama, Romance

Even in 19th century England, envy can turn a girl's best friend into her worst enemy, and is what lands Marianne married to a reputed killer and Emeline engaged to the most coveted bachelor in town, but when only one of them finds happiness envy again leads to a savage conflict.

Broken Cowboy

GENRES: Crime, Drama, Independent

Traumatized by the suicide of his sister during his formative years, a troubled young man secretly struggles to separate violence and pleasure.

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