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By Rosalind Winton

GENRE: Drama

After escaping a violent attack during the troubles in Warsaw and finding refuge in London, a destitute couple finally has an opportunity to immigrate to the United States, but their tickets out happen to be for the Titanic. 


HARRY and REBECCA CORNBLATT's story begins in 1905. They live in Warsaw, which is plagued with political unrest and violence. Harry and Rebecca plan to leave Warsaw, but before they do so, they are violently attacked by government soldiers. Their plan is to emigrate to the United States and reunite with Rebecca’s immediate family who had left a year earlier to be with Rebecca's sick brother. Rebecca promised her sisters that they would see each other again and Rebecca's Mother gave Harry and Rebecca a blank postcard and asked them to use it to write to her once they are able to make the journey.

During the attack, Harry is badly beaten and Rebecca is almost raped. Harry manages to save the postcard from being destroyed and it becomes an emblem of survival for Harry and Rebecca throughout the story.

Once they have recovered from the attack, they make an arduous journey out of Warsaw. Along the way, they befriend the SOLOMON FAMILY (BEN, ESTHER and ADAM), but the ship they are on lands in England. Harry and Rebecca learn that there are no ships to America and the documents they have are fraudulent. Harry and Rebecca are shocked, but the Solomon's take them in and they relocate to London. Harry finds work in a furniture factory and Rebecca tries to find work as a seamstress. They both come to terms with the fact that they will not be able to travel to America in their immediate future.

Rebecca uses the postcard as a 'go to' when things get tough and she imagines positive words on the postcard when things are going great and negative words when things are not going well.

Rebecca falls pregnant and they both realise that their plans to go to America will now have to be put on hold.

Six years pass and Harry and Rebecca are now parents to two girls FAY and STELLA. Rebecca discovers an article about the building of the Titanic, a new, innovative passenger liner that would carry thousands of people across the Atlantic to America.

They save hard and buy the tickets. However, four days before they are due to leave, Stella becomes very sick and unable to make the journey, so Rebecca tries to persuade Harry to go alone to America, get settled and then Rebecca and the girls would follow when Stella has recovered.

Harry is against the idea and fights Rebecca on it, but after much thought and deliberation, he realises that they should take the opportunity, especially as Rebecca's brother is holding a job for him in America, so he decides to go ahead.

Because the postcard means something to both of them, they can't decide who should keep it, but it is decided that Harry should take it with him and write to Rebecca with it, before Titanic sets sail.

Harry leaves, Rebecca and the girls receive the postcard and look forward to seeing Harry once again. However, the ship hits an iceberg and sinks. Harry is lost and Rebecca and the girls are devastated.

Rebecca finds herself left destitute and she makes a living selling clothing in a London market. Riddled with grief and guilt, she is unable to be strong for the girls and she isolates her friends. She withdraws and becomes reclusive. She also becomes obsessed with the postcard.

SARAH, Rebecca's friend tries to help Rebecca and reveals that her cousin's son and his wife also died on the Titanic. It is then discovered through conversation that Harry sold two of their tickets to Sarah's cousins.

The coincidence and enormity of this and Sarah's words hit Rebecca hard and she realises that no amount of grief will change anything. She reconciles with her daughters and her friends and she finds a place in her heart where she can be at peace. She holds the postcard and makes a promise to Harry that she and the girls will be alright and that they will make him proud.

The story ends with pictures of the real Harry and Rebecca and the real postcard with a statement that explains the postcard was passed down through the generations and is still with the family today.

Rutger Oosterhoff

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Evelyn von Warnitz

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Rutger Oosterhoff

That is some incredible irony Rosalind. Let them survive please!

Difficult to pull of because it feels like two stories. But that is one of the reasons this can be an real cool story. Feels like maybe you should not use the chronological approach in setting up the story.

Stephen Foster

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Tony S.

After narrowly escaping certain death in Poland, a desperate couple seeking a new life in America struggles to save enough to buy a cross-Atlantic ticket... aboard TITANIC.

Rosalind Winton

Thank you Rutger and Tony for your comments, much appreciated and I will certainly take it all on board. It's based on the true story of my Great Grandparents and unfortunately, my Great Grandfather died on Titanic. The story does take place in modern day and the past, because there is a real postcard that my Great Grandfather sent to his wife before Titanic set sail, which is still in the family and I have intertwined their story, with the story of the postcard itself and how it was handed down through the generations. It's about fate, the choices we make, the decisions we make, love, loss, grief, friendship, family, violence, survival, it's got everything in it and writing it has been such and amazing experience.

Rosalind Winton

Owen, hmmmm, interesting comment, I think after yours and Tony's comments, I will look at rewording the log line, thank you.

Jim Boston

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Nathaniel Baker

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Rosalind Winton

Thank you Jim and Nathaniel :)

Sasha Stella

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Rosalind Winton

Hi Sasha, could you give me some feedback on your review please, I would really like to know your thoughts :)

Jeffrey Milne

I love the story Rosalind, thanks for sharing.

Rosalind Winton

Hi Jeffrey. Thank you so much. Since I posted this, the story has changed a little bit after various re-writes, just a few tweaks here and there. so, I'll update it.

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