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Mark Vicente

Director, Screenwriter and Cinematographer

Los Angeles, California

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About Mark

Author, speaker, and award-winning Director/Cinematographer Mark Vicente was part of the creative team behind the sleeper hit “What The Bleep Do We Know?!” Several books have been written about the film’s remarkable grassroots marketing campaign, which led to its unprecedented success.

Mark was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1965. Taking his first photograph at age four, he quickly discovered his passion for being behind the camera. After sneaking into TV studios at age 16 and jumping behind cameras, pretending to be a seasoned Camera Operator, he eventually enrolled in film school where he specialized in Directing, Cinematography and Theater Lighting Design. After Film School he began working his way up the ranks of the camera department, starting as a Camera Assistant, then an Operator and Steadicam© Operator. From Operating, he segued into shooting Music Videos and Commercials as he developed his skills as a Cinematographer.

His first big break came as Director of Photography on the musical “SARAFINA,” starring Whoopi Goldberg. In 1992, he set his sights on Hollywood and relocated to Los Angeles to shoot his first studio picture for Disney entitled “FATHERHOOD,” starring Patrick Swayze and Halle Berry. At the age of 26, he became one of the youngest cinematographers to shoot a big budget studio picture. Over the next 12 years, he went on to shoot an additional 14 feature films and numerous Documentaries and Commercials.

Mark soon found there were in him, untold stories he desperately wanted to express. He was driven by the conviction that tales of greatness, nobility and introspection could be exciting and financially successful.

Perhaps because of the very obvious iniquities in his native South Africa, he found himself propelled to question certain fundamental assumptions at a very young age. Beliefs about human behavior, cosmology, existentialism and mysticism. Unifying his love of science, philosophy and film-making, Mark’s dream of creating cinema to inspire and provoke thought began to emerge with the creation of “What the BLEEP do we Know?!”

Deeply moved by the unprecedented violence, taking place in Mexico, Mark completed Encender el Corazon, a film about non-violent protest movements. The film follows a group of concerned Mexicans using community building, and non-violent protest to recover the hearts, minds and homes of those who have been deeply affected by the fear of kidnapping, robbery and gang violence.

Always on a search to find new and revolutionary ways to raise awareness through film, he is currently developing “Bending Time”, a Sci-Fi thriller packaged with a VR and biofeedback video game and the Sci-Fi drama "Terra Antiquis”. Mark is always on the lookout to collaborate with others who share his love of story-telling and the examination of what it means to be human.


  • Encender el Corazón

    Encender el Corazón (2016)
    Film (Documentary and Drama) Director What do you do if your friends, your neighbors, your loved ones are threatened? Killed? Held hostage? Mutilated? Do you hate the people who do these things, vowing to extract revenge? People often forget that the continent of North America has large massive nations. We share borders, people, concerns. And Humanity. This eight-year labor of love from the co-creator of "What The Bleep Do We Know?" explores the personal side of the headlines about crime in Mexico, and the very human responses to that violence, in all their choices. Sometimes the hardest choice is the best choice. Written by bmcraec

  • 2095

    2095 (2007)
    Film (Drama, Romance and Sci-Fi) Cinematographer A man engages in a relationship with a beautiful woman, who at one time he only had the courage to admire from afar. Aloof during the day, but affectionate at night, he soon discovers that the relationship of his dreams, never even existed. Written by Julia Stemock

  • What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole

    What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole (2006)
    Film (Documentary and Drama) Director Interviews with scientists and authors, animated bits, and a storyline involving a deaf photographer are used in this docudrama to illustrate the link between quantum mechanics, neurobiology, human consciousness and day-to-day reality.

  • What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?

    What the #$*! Do We (K)now!? (2004)
    Film (Documentary, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy and 2 More) Cinematographer "WHAT THE #$*! DO WE KNOW?!" is a radical departure from convention. It demands a freedom of view and greatness of thought so far unknown, indeed, not even dreamed of since Copernicus. It's a documentary. It's a story. It's mind-blowing special effects. This film plunges you into a world where quantum uncertainty is demonstrated - where neurological processes, and perceptual shifts are engaged and lived by its protagonist - where everything is alive, and reality is changed by every thought. Written by Anonymous

  • Chasing Destiny

    Chasing Destiny (2001)
    TV Movie (Comedy, Romance, Music and Drama) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Slow Burn

    Slow Burn (2000)
    Video (Thriller) Cinematographer Two Americans, with their young daughter Trina, live in the northern Mexican desert, searching for family diamonds lost years before. Jump ahead, Trina's parents are mysteriously dead, and Trina, now grown, continues the search against the advice of Frank, an old family friend. Two gringo convicts, recently escaped from the Matamoros prison and headed for Texas, stumble upon the diamonds then find Trina and ask her for a ride. She realizes they've found the diamonds, keeps that from them, and tries to spirit the diamonds away. Various alliances form and break, one of the convicts tries to convince her to abandon her quest, and Frank watches from a distance. Written by <>

  • Dish Dogs

    Dish Dogs (2000)
    Video (Drama, Romance and Comedy) Cinematographer Two friends travel from town to town taking jobs as dishwashers until they both find love and must choose separate paths.

  • At Sachem Farm

    At Sachem Farm (1998)
    Film (Drama) Cinematographer Ross, a self-absorbed and determined young man, plans to sell off his family's priceless wine collection to finance his purchase of a substantial mining interest which promises to make him rich. However, standing in his way is his eccentric Uncle Cullen, who has much different and much more bizarre plans for the family estate. Written by Jim Beaver <>

  • Lunker Lake

    Lunker Lake (1997)
    Film (Comedy and Family) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Midnight Blue

    Midnight Blue (1997)
    Film (Mystery) Cinematographer Twins Martine/Georgine dupe a love-stricken executive (Martin) into helping them steal $5 million from Georgine's husband. Written by Ken Montgomery <>

  • Two Rivers

    Two Rivers (1996)
    Film (Documentary and History) Cinematographer Part history lesson, part deeply felt emotion, and part fascinating story of an unlikely solution to a dark time in American history, this award winning PBS documentary tells the true story of a Native American reconciliation group in North Central Washington State. Seeking to learn why there has never been any Indian presence or awareness in their community, a white couple begins a journey that starts as a small discussion group in their home. As the regions' (and later the Nations') history of cruelty, racism, and ignorance toward Native Americans is told, the whites are deeply affected. Word begins circulating around the reservations that something unusual is happening among a group of whites and Indians. Curious whites hear about Indians traveling to their community, and start attending. What follows is an amazing story of changed hearts, friendships between enemies, and ultimately, astonishing community renewal and transformation. "Two Rivers" is a fascinating human story, with ... Written by Rodney Mitchell

  • Black Rose of Harlem

    Black Rose of Harlem (1996)
    Film (Action, Crime and Drama) Cinematographer A tragic love story set against the turbulent backdrop of the 1920's Chicago jazz clubs. Georgia, a beautiful black singer catches the eye of mobster Johnny Varona. But Johnny is betrothed to the daughter of mob boss Costanza, a man you don't say no to... and live! Can Johnny and Georgia find a way to fulfill their love -and- stay alive? Or will the mob prove to be an insurmountable force. Written by Concorde - New Horizons (with permission).

  • Delinquent's Derby

    Delinquent's Derby (1995)
    Film Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Who Killed Buddy Blue?

    Who Killed Buddy Blue? (1995)
    Film (Thriller) Cinematographer Detectives Munro and Sanders are assigned to investigate the murder of an adult film star named Buddy Blue. The hunk was actually killed during the shooting of an orgy scene. Munro finds out the victim was hated by almost everyone including smart blondie co-star Ivy Saxon. For a guy who is divorced and had no sex for a year, the porn industry is not the safest environment for those who need to be objective. Written by Marcelo Hargreaves

  • Lady in Waiting

    Lady in Waiting (1994)
    Film (Drama and Thriller) Cinematographer A divorced cop investigating the sadistic murders of high-class prostitutes discovers that the prime suspect is his ex-wife's new boyfriend. He tries to warn her about him, but she treats his suspicions as jealousy concerning her impending move, with their son, to another city. Written by Cynan Rees <>

  • Father Hood

    Father Hood (1993)
    Film (Comedy) Cinematographer A deadbeat dad kidnaps his kids from the bus. Based on the true life stories and experiences of Michael J. Hardy.

  • To the Death

    To the Death (1992)
    Film (Action) Cinematographer Kickboxing champ Rick Quinn decides to retire from the ring, but his main adversary, Denard, wants him to fight again and murders Quinn's wife. Quinn suspects Denard, but can't do anything. Three month later, Quinn is jailed after a drunken bar brawl; a rich man named Le Braque bails him out and asks him to fight for him. Written by Thomas <>

  • Sarafina!

    Sarafina! (1992)
    Film (Drama and Musical) Cinematographer As tentions of Apatheid spreads accross South Africa, many students revolts to massive stone throw, a demonstration that comes in a wake of the introduction of Afrikanas language as a means of teaching. This sparks riots among school age young people who have resolved to do what it takes for freedom to come tomorrow. In a township of Soweto, a group of students, led by a young beautiful and intelligent girl Sarafina, mastermind a plot to rise against the Apatheid regime by velmently rejecting the proposal to have Africanas as a medium of instruction and this angers the white people and results in a massive unrest of the students and those others supporting them. Mean while, Sarafina's mother accepts a job of a housekeeper in a white woman and somehow it angers Sarafina. Following the unrest of students and therd possible torture and trial, Sarafina is realesed from prison, reunites with some of the coleagues and composes a "Freedom is Coming Tomorrow" song. Written by Isaac Museka Lupupa

  • The Fridge

    The Fridge (1989)
    Film (Short and Drama) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Quest for Love

    Quest for Love (1988)
    Film (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • The Stick

    The Stick (1988)
    Film (Action, Horror and War) Camera and Electrical Department A group of South African soldiers are sent out into the bush to find and destroy a rebel group that killed an earlier patrol. When they find a small village with all the men gone, the soldiers panic and slaughter the remaining villagers, including an old witch doctor. As the group tries to make their way back to camp, strange things begin happening to them. Are the enemy soldiers normal humans, or have they been cursed by the old shaman? Written by Jean-Marc Rocher <>

  • A Human Connection

    A Human Connection
    Film (Drama) Director Facing major life decisions, one man sets out to understand what it is that makes a person feel connected to another human being.

  • The Virgin Chronicles

    The Virgin Chronicles
    TV Movi (Comedy) Director Add a Plot »

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