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Kathleen Vissichelli Hanley

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New York City, New York

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About Kathleen

Freelance Casting Professional based out of New York. I began my career in commercial and fashion casting before spending a year at the Walt Disney Company in ABC's Primetime Casting Department (NY Office) where I assisted in the casting of series regulars on shows such as Modern Family, Desperate Housewives, Scrubs and Grey's Anatomy. I joined Adrienne Stern Casting in December of 2011 as a casting assistant before becoming casting associate in 2013. There I helped cast numerous feature films, short films, commercials, industrials, and music videos. Some highlights include, Girls Guide to Depravity, Lucky Them, Stealing Chanel, The Nymphets, and Colin Quinns Cop Show.

At the beginning of the summer I left a long term position at Adrienne
Stern Casting to independently pursue a new challenge in the casting world. This summer I served as casting director for my first feature, a film that
shot in New England and I am currently wrapping up two short films for
NY based directors.

She is a graduate of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield CT and is pursuing her Masters in Cinema Studies at New York University.




  • Get Happy!

    Get Happy! (2016)
    Film by Manoj Annadurai (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Casting department, Casting director A perpetually miserable man finds happiness when he starts dating a manic pixie dream girl, to the befuddlement of his cynical best friend.

  • The Hollow

    The Hollow (2016)
    Film by Miles Doleac (Mystery) Casting department When a U.S. congressman's daughter passing through a small town in Mississippi dies in a mysterious triple homicide, a team of F.B.I. agents descends to investigate, the team's brilliant but jaded lead agent battling demons both past and present, as his beautiful, tough-as-nails partner tries to hold him and the case together. They find a struggling and corrupt sheriff's department, a shadowy and much-feared figure, who seems to be pulling all of the town's strings from his mansion on the edge of town and a local victim with a strange connection to a number of the town's most prominent figures. Written by Miles Doleac

  • AWOL

    AWOL (2016)
    Film by Deb Shoval (Drama) Casting department

  • The Talk

    The Talk (2016)
    Film (short) by Joe Otting (Comedy) Casting department There comes a time when everyone needs to grow up, especially Dad. An amusing slice-of-life character piece about the pitfalls of parenting and the realization that things are not always as they seem.

  • Bowline

    Bowline (2016)
    Film (short) by Jordan Fein (Drama) Casting department A story of a young mother's struggle to keep her family afloat after an irreversible accident at the town lake changes everything.

  • Don't Think About It

    Don't Think About It (2016)
    Film (short) by Niv Klainer Casting department

  • Finding Her

    Finding Her (2016)
    Film by Vlad Feier (Drama) Casting department Monique Watson goes missing in Brooklyn, New York. Police are not doing anything to find a lead, instead they go after the family. The subject drops on the desk of the young journalist, Christian Baker.

  • In This Our Youth

    In This Our Youth (2016)
    Film by George LaVoo (Drama) Casting department One night in New York City a young teenager steals a gun and sets out to kill his father's mistress. The boy's two best friends try to stop him.

  • The Eyes

    The Eyes (2016)
    Film by Robbie Bryan (Mystery and Thriller) Casting department 6 strangers are kidnapped and through governmental technology have proof they have all killed before and are told 5 will die this night, one may walk, and the six have 2 hours to decide who gets to live.

  • Trash Can on the Left

    Trash Can on the Left (2015)
    Film (short) by Fedor Lyass (Comedy and Drama) Casting department A 20-something is sleeping with whoever comes along in today's New York City.

  • Cop Show

    Cop Show (2015)
    Television Casting department Ever wonder what it takes to film a Cop Drama? Follow Colin Quinn as he takes you behind the scenes of his new series.

  • Bolder

    Bolder (2015)
    Film (short) by Joseph Rishe (Drama) Casting department A man questions whether his dreams hold any meaning.

  • Broken Breath

    Broken Breath (2015)
    Film (short) by Lavinia Barsotti (Drama) Casting department Happiness is when you wouldn't ask anything more from life but just in a moment it can all be taken away.

  • Electric City

    Electric City (2015)
    Film by Nick DeRuve (Drama) Casting department An innocent thirteen year old boy fights to keep his family intact when they receive a final eviction notice.

  • Rene

    Rene (2015)
    Film by Mattson Tomlin (Drama) Casting department A hunting accident in 1997 leaves 8-year-old Curt an orphan. Now 15, he returns to the reaches of the Northern Maine woods to find the now famous mountain man who killed his family.

  • Terrariums

    Terrariums (2015)
    Film by Michael Wild (Drama) Casting department

  • The Real American

    The Real American (2015)
    Film (short) by Darya Zhuk (Comedy and Drama) Casting department Russian exchange student Alya struggles to fit into what it means to be an American teenage girl in 1994 when she realizes her host father has a crush on her.

  • Those Who Wander

    Those Who Wander (2015)
    Film by Abigail Schwarz (Comedy) Casting department A 19-year old Zoe sets off on a road trip, along with her best friend Sam, Sam's roommate Spencer, Zoe's (friends-with-benefits) lover Joel, and Danny who somehow connect his mood to his socks to Sam's childhood home in Georgia. But along the journey things turned from fun to troublesome, with Sam and some unresolved issues between his stepfather, Spencer continuously interfering with Zoe while Sam's childhood best friend Trey, wants to create differences between Zoe and Sam. Written by lteuschel

  • Until Someone Gets Hurt

    Until Someone Gets Hurt (2015)
    Film by Shane Barbanel (Horror) Casting department

  • Just Let Go

    Just Let Go (2015)
    Film by Patrick Henry Parker (Drama) Casting department After surviving a drunk driving accident that killed his pregnant wife and two kids, Chris Williams struggles to 'just let go' and forgive the young man who caused it.

  • Delinquent

    Delinquent (2015)
    Film by Kieran Valla (Drama) Casting department Delinquent is the thrilling and dramatic exploration of a teenager's struggle to manage the fall-out of a robbery gone wrong.

  • Prism

    Prism (2015)
    Film by Cal Robertson (Drama, Family and Mystery) Casting department Bryan is thrust back into his estranged father's life, fifteen years after he mysteriously disappeared. After learning that his father is suffering from amnesia, Bryan sets off on journey to piece together his fragmented past. But the more Bryan learns, the further he gets from the truth. Written by Anonymous

  • Stealing Chanel

    Stealing Chanel (2015)
    Film by Roberto Mitrotti (Comedy and Romance) Casting department A thief from Queens who steals from the rich to give to the poorly dressed meets his nemesis in the arrogant and badly dressed therapist from Park Avenue hell-bent on reforming him. Sparks fly as they reluctantly fall for each other and he discovers the designer buried within.

  • Stray

    Stray (2015)
    Film by Nena Eskridge (Drama) Casting department A killer decides to settle down in a small town and start a family. But first she has to find the right guy to help make it happen, whether he wants to or not.

  • Chateau Sauvignon: terroir

    Chateau Sauvignon: terroir (2015)
    Film (short) by David Munz-Maire (Family, Horror and Thriller) Casting department "Chateau Sauvignon: terroir" follows Nicolas, the isolated adolescent son of a ruined vintner family, who finds himself torn between obeying his boorish father and saving his ailing mother. When a doting woman and her indifferent son arrive for a wine tasting, Nicolas sees an opportunity to help his mother and prove his worth to his father. However, his wayward plan quickly takes a turn for the worse, putting his family's secretive murderous ways in peril of being unearthed. Written by David E. M. Maire

  • A Gringo Honeymoon

    A Gringo Honeymoon (2015)
    Film (short) by Alexandra Debricon (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Casting department James Wallace is a young American. To him Mexico was just another adventure in a life lived without any grand plans. A place to go where nobody knew who you were and nobody cared. A chance to drop out and get by within Mexico's flourishing underground economy. When he finds himself working as a 'surgeon' in Carlos Melgarejos' burgeoning organ trafficking ring things start looking up. But that was before he met Rosalita, a prostitute at the amateur lucha libre whose profound beauty shakes his insouciance. Suddenly there's more to life than cutting out kidneys south of the border. James wants out and he wants to take Rosalita with him. For Carlos this is more than just another headache in a life filled with niggling trespasses, this is personal. Written by Anonymous

  • Peter and John

    Peter and John (2015)
    Film by Jay Craven (Drama) Casting department Set in 1872 Nantucket, 'Peter and John' tells the story of two brothers whose relationship strains when the younger one receives news of a strange inheritance -- then both brothers become attracted to the same mysterious young woman who arrives on their island.

  • Blowtorch

    Blowtorch (2015)
    Film by Kevin Breslin (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Casting department Blowtorch is the story of Ann Willis, a recently widowed and financially struggling, mother of three. When her oldest son, Dave, is murdered, Ann cannot live with the fact that she does not know who killed him. The seasoned NYPD detective assigned to her son's murder case does not give her the attention she wants and the answers come too slowly, she gradually decides to take the investigation into her own hands.

  • Mona

    Mona (2015)
    Film (short) by Jocelyn Jacobs (Comedy and Drama) Casting department Mona needs a place to live and a better job. When she rents a room in a cramped apartment with a lesbian, Van, the close quarters create a confusing intimacy.

  • Paradise, FL

    Paradise, FL (2015)
    Film by Nick Morgulis (Drama and Family) Casting department Inspired by true events. A struggling oyster fisherman helps care for his friend's two young kids and finds himself fighting for the family he didn't know that he needed.

  • Old 37

    Old 37 (2015)
    Film by Alan Smithee (Horror) Casting department Disguised as paramedics, two psychopaths intercept 911 calls in an ambulance known as Old 37 and prey on unsuspecting teenage victims. But when a shy girl-next-door becomes their latest target, she turns the tables on her captors to fight for her survival. Hailed as "a blood-soaked, slasher fan's wet dream" by Dread Central, and "Jaws on the interstate" by iHorror. Starring Kane Hodder (Hatchet, Seven), Bill Moseley (Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), and Brandi Cyrus (Zoey 101, Hannah Montana).

  • He Never Died

    He Never Died (2015)
    Film by Jason Krawczyk (Comedy, Drama, Horror and Thriller) Casting department Jack's in a rut. Depression and severe anti-social behavior has whittled down his existence to sleeping and watching television. Seeing the human race as little more than meat with a pulse, Jack has no interest to bond with anyone. There's little purpose for him to make friends with someone he'd eventually eat or outlive by more than a millennia. The fuse is lit when Jack's past comes back to rattle him. Jack must now walk a tight rope of sobriety and try to eat as few people as possible in this violent tale of personal responsibility.

  • The Nymphets

    The Nymphets (2015)
    Film by Gary Gardner (Drama) Casting department A precarious man invites a group of wild young girls to his loft to party even though he knows it's a terrible idea. Written by Gary Gardner

  • Seven Lovers

    Seven Lovers (2014)
    Film by Keith Boynton (Drama and Romance) Casting department A young woman cycles through seven relationships, each one depicted in a distinct cinematic style. As she adapts all-too-seamlessly to the world of each new partner, she begins to ask herself the question: who am I when I'm not in love?

  • Margarita, with a Straw

    Margarita, with a Straw (2014)
    Film by Nilesh Maniyar (Drama) Casting department A rebellious young woman with cerebral palsy leaves her home in India to study in New York, unexpectedly falls in love, and embarks on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery.

  • Blood and Circumstance

    Blood and Circumstance (2014)
    Film by Wes Sullivan (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Casting department A study in family dysfunction, this intense crime story revolves around a series of interviews with inmate, Joel Stabler, who is being examined by a psychiatrist charged with determining whether Joel is fit to stand trial. As the narrative rotates back and forth from present day to 15 years earlier, we begin to fill in the real story of what led Joel to where he is today. By the end of the film, much of what Joel has said is called into question and the audience is left to piece together what really happened. BLOOD & CIRCUMSTANCE is a psychological puzzle box, filled with questions in a world where there are no easy answers. Written by Anonymous

  • The Girl's Guide to Depravity

    The Girl's Guide to Depravity (2013)
    Television (Comedy) Casting department Sick of getting screwed, Sam and Lizzie decide to take their dating life into their own hands, following the rules they find in "The Girl's Guide to Depravity". Not just your average single girl's handbook, the girls take on Chicago well-armed to navigate life between bar stools and bed sheets. Rule #17: Don't cry, make him cry. Rule #12: The best way to get over a guy is to get underneath another guy. And rule #9: Always be the bigger bitch. Everything a girl needs to stay protected against finding love. But what about when love finds you? Written by SB

  • Self Storage

    Self Storage (2013)
    Film by Tom DeNucci (Horror) Casting department Jake is the overnight security guard at a highly-secured Self Storage facility in rural Rhode Island. When his friend's party plans fall through, he invites them to his job site to throw a fiesta of his own. There couldn't be a better location: removed, no people, nothing but party... right? Innocent mischief turns a naughty night of fun into an evening of horror. We soon learn that some things were meant to stay under lock and key and certain places were supposed to be left undisturbed. The kids aren't the only ones at the self storage facility who are looking for a night of fun. Written by Anonymous

  • Lucky Them

    Lucky Them (2013)
    Film by Megan Griffiths (Drama) Casting department A rock journalist is assigned to track down her ex-boyfriend.

  • American Girl

    American Girl (2013)
    Film (short) by Jason Shahinfar (Drama) Casting department

  • Unburden

    Unburden (2012)
    Film (short) by Andrew Young (Drama) Casting department A bedtime story about a robin chick who falls from its nest turns into a dramatic confession, as Joy relives a tragic accident she caused when her daughter Callie was a baby. The trauma sends shock waves between Joy and her husband Frank. In the end, it is Callie whose surprising response reveals the power of forgiveness to heal the deepest wounds. Written by Anonymous

  • Totem & Taboo

    Totem & Taboo (2011)
    Video by John Winston Rainey (Drama, Horror and Thriller) Costume and Wardrobe Department It's a story about a hunter who suffers from paranoia and hallucinations after hiding the accidental murder of an old hermit. This prevents him from keeping his passions repressed and makes him turns against his wife and daughter. It's 'The Shining' meets 'Jacob's Ladder'. Written by Frédéric Leclair

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