Loglines & Screenplays by Linda Hullinger

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Holly and Yule


When a young superstitious couple rent a cabin from a kindly older man, he soon discovers how committed to omens they truly are.

Goodwill Toward Men

GENRES: Not selected

While on board a 737, a young man meets a forgotten soldier who changes his outlook about the holidays.


GENRES: Fantasy

A woman discovers the vintage chair she bought is timeless after she meets the man who crafted it.

Real-Time Denial

GENRES: Horror

After falling asleep while reading a book about doppelgangers, a woman awakens to a horrific display on her security camera screen.

The Catgut Killer

GENRES: Horror

When a woman visits her grandmother, she's told a disturbing tale linked to her past.

Edna's Recipe

GENRES: Mystery

When a fed-up housewife decides she's had enough of her husband's annoying habits, a new neighbor lends a helping hand.

What the Heart Wants

GENRES: Horror

Through an exchange of letters, a heart transplant recipient learns why his tastes have eerily changed.

Swappers Curve

GENRES: Horror

After a tragic accident, a man learns that he's made a deal with his soul that only another man can undo.

A Future Witch

GENRES: Horror

When two witches visit the same grave on Halloween, the veil is lifted between their worlds.

In Camera

GENRES: Mystery

After a birthday gift is stolen, the family photographer catches the thief.


GENRES: Mystery

When an aging, prank-playing woman goes too far, her sister attempts to end the gags forever.

Alibi's Ghosts

GENRES: Fantasy

Alibi's Ghosts

The eleven-year-old daughter of a psychic medium solves mysteries by playing ghostly charades with the deceased loved ones of her mother’s clients.

Her Soul Intention

GENRES: Fantasy

A mischievous ten-year-old soul is given three days on Earth to stop her mother from marrying the wrong man, but before she can get her mission underway, she must borrow a comatose body and persuade a guilt-ridden musician to help her.

A Bit of Angelic Humbug

GENRES: Comedy, Family

A well-meaning eight-year-old girl sends anonymous Christmas cards to the folks in her grandmother’s neighborhood, creating chaos between friends and families.

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